Positive Vs Negative Coping Approaches: 2023 Guide Explains Healthy Habits

Jan 3, 2023

Coming up with coping strategies in the middle of a mental breakdown can be tough. That’s why 29k created this go-to guide. You can quickly reference this list to get back on track and use it to help avoid a breakdown in the future.

Positive Vs Negative Coping Approaches: 2023 Guide Explains Healthy Habits

29k, a non-profit organization that incorporates scientifically proven methods to create psychological tools and resources for improving mental health, has released a new report on coping strategies. The report is meant to help negate negative impulses by substituting them with positive decisions.

Check out the entire list of strategies here https://29k.org/positive-negative-coping-mechanism-examples

A spokesperson for 29k explained: “When we are in stressful situations, we are not in a place where we can explore, read up or choose between a wide range of behaviors. A shortlist may come in handy when an impulse to do something that might be bad for us comes up so that we know what to do instead.”

The list of coping skills can help you avoid exacerbating stress and may even prevent negative impulses from occurring in the first place. Some strategies to employ in the midst of a stressful moment are doing one thing at a time and asking for help, while preventative strategies include prioritizing social activity and starting the day with the most important task.

The recent report is part of the company’s overall mission, which is to help facilitate personal growth. The coping strategies are also available on the company’s app, which features additional mental health tools and resources.

The 29k app has multi-week courses, exercises, meditations, action steps, and more. Backed by evidence-based psychology, the tools and exercises are self-paced and can be completed individually or as a group.

After downloading the app, you become a part of 29k’s community of members and will have the opportunity to practice with others in a group setting. Communication-enabled software includes text-chat features and live-video streaming sessions.

What's more, you'll have the ability to choose your group mates and invite friends or family to take a course with you.

29k wants to provide you with mental health resources so that you can continue developing and enriching your inner self. The new coping strategies report is part of the company’s ongoing effort to improve the mental health of people everywhere.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We believe that it's through inner sustainability and inner growth that we can navigate and build a more sustainable society.”

Read the report today so you can better handle stress that comes your way. https://29k.org/positive-negative-coping-mechanism-examples

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