Portage Lakes Whole Health Dentist Has Effective Treatment For Tooth Grinding

May 25, 2023

Blue Heron Dentistry (330-668-1016) is the only whole health dentist near Portage Lakes. If you are suffering from bruxism or teeth grinding, they are here to return your teeth and body to good health.

If your tooth grinding is grinding you down, Blue Heron Dentistry is here to get your dental health and whole health back on track.

In addition to general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry, the leading dentist at Blue Heron Dentistry, Dr. Heather Maze, DDS, offers you holistic whole health dentistry that sees your teeth as just one part of your bigger health picture. As such, Blue Heron Dentistry is constantly expanding their whole health check-ups and their integrated treatment plans, and are now reaching out to you if you suffer from bruxism, tooth grinding and/or temporomandibular disorders (TMD), and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

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Dr. Heather Maze has witnessed a sharp uptick in the prevalence of these conditions amongst children, teenagers, and adults of all ages in recent years. As a recent article on The Washington Post described, teeth grinding and jaw clenching, which is called bruxism, have increased steeply since the onset of the global pandemic, and remain high, with one recent study stating that 60% of adults now exhibit some signs of the conditions and/or complain of jaw pain, headaches, teeth sensitivity and/or damage to teeth or fillings.

Blue Heron Dentistry understands that in the case of TMD or any TMJ disorder, there is often an overlap between your stress levels and overall mental and physical health. This is why Dr. Heather Maze will ensure she gains a comprehensive and overall picture of your health as she devises a personalized treatment plan for you.

To begin with, Blue Heron Dentistry will most likely prescribe you one of their custom TMJ appliances, a soft mouth guard you can wear at night, which can help to relieve the condition’s painful symptoms and protect your bite.

Should your tooth grinding or jaw clenching be too severe, Dr. Heather Maze will recommend you also seek treatment with her aligned physical therapist.

As a whole health dental practice, Blue Heron Dentistry can also work with you if you are suffering from sleep apnea or chronic snoring.

Dr. Heather Maze also recommends that you actively address dental issues in their early stages. As she explains, while your dental health is impacted by your overall health, your dental health also has a profound impact on your whole body.

A spokesperson for the whole health dentistry and wellness practice said, “Everything in the body is linked. The health of the mouth affects the body systemically, as the health of the body affects the mouth. That’s why whole health is a priority at Blue Heron Dentistry.”

If just the act of reading this article has made your jaw clench up, it’s time to visit Blue Heron Dentistry!

Head to https://www.blueherondentistry.com/ to book your whole health dental appointment today.

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