Portage, IN Home Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning: Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

Jun 27, 2024

When it comes to improving your IAQ, don’t rely on DIY – cleaning your home carpets is a job for professionals, so call Ajax Carpet Service at 219-933-1019 for top-quality work in Portage.

Did you know that indoor air quality can have as much to do with your home’s carpets as your indoor air? Being stepped on every day means carpets have a lot of dirt and dust to go around; too much, you might say. That’s why you need to have your carpet cleaned with precision - and if you’re in Portage, Ajax Carpet Service is up to the task.

Yes, Ajax Carpet Service is here and ready to improve local access to pro carpet care in the vicinity of its main Hammond service area. Its team can provide you with an extensive range of carpet maintenance options, with repairs and re-stretching offered alongside its main cleaning work.

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Serving Portage and nearby, Ajax Carpet Service can help you significantly boost your indoor air quality. Clean carpets are a central part of a healthier living space - a crucial consideration if your family has children and pets.

Ajax Carpet Service points to guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency stating that home carpets can benefit from expert-led cleaning at least twice a year. This is largely down to the accumulation of dust, debris, dirt, and other contaminants over time - these are harmful pollutants.

As explained by Ajax Carpet Service: “Regularly cleaned carpet contributes positively to the quality of the air in your home by filtering out and capturing harmful particles that would otherwise be floating around the air for you and your family to breathe in. Healthy carpets help create healthy home environments.”

To support you with the maintenance of your residential carpets, Ajax Carpet Service offers two main professional cleaning options:

Its truck-mounted hot water extraction method is its foremost choice, specifically recommended as an optimal solution for the results it produces. Following pre-treatment with an alkaline spray, Ajax Carpet Service performs soil extraction using a special heated rinse. The result, as explained by the team, is a comprehensively cleaned carpet without the need for chemicals.

The local carpet cleaning team also provides bonnet cleaning as a more rapid alternative to hot water extraction - Ajax Carpet Service advises that this method is suitable if you just need surface cleaning with faster drying. 

Alongside carpets, Ajax Carpet Service is also positioned to provide restorative care for your home upholstery items. The process and equipment used here are similar to those utilized in its carpet cleaning services - with the main focus being on preserving the natural appearance of your treated products.

“Protecting your investment is our priority,” says the company. “We will test any fabrics that might result in color bleeding before attempting to clean them with water. Depending on the fabric and the soiling condition, we pre-treat with either a dry foam shampoo or a pre-spray similar to what we use on the carpet. Our hot water extraction system will then remove the released soil.”

Cleaner carpets = a healthier home living space!

Are you in or around Portage? Head to https://ajaxcarpetservice.com/ to learn more about Ajax Carpet Service today.

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