Pop Art Reuseable Poster That Sticks To Walls Without Hooks: Perfect For Renters

Feb 2, 2024

Style your home your way with the funky pop-art wall art by Ridge Art Decor! The store offers reusable posters that you can attach anywhere without hooks or tape!

Want to hang a poster on your wall but don’t want to install a hook? What if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds with a reusable poster that you can place on your wall without sticky residues, tape, or unsightly adhesives?

Intrigued? Check out https://www.ridgeartdecor.com/ to find out how that works!

Wall art that doesn’t hurt the surface…or your wallet

Ridge Art Decor offers unique reusable posters. Thanks to their ionically charged properties, these posters can be peeled off and stuck to a wall without any hooks. They are recommended for people who rent and want to decorate their apartments without damaging the walls.

Want a little pop of color in your apartment? No problem!

Each stylish poster is made from 100% environmentally-friendly materials and can be attached to almost any surface without needing hooks or screws. Further, they can be reposted on another surface, giving you multiple ways to style your home! 

Support artists from all over the world

All new designs were digitally created by up-and-coming artists from around the world. Ridge Art Decor works with global artists as part of its mission to help digital creators have a platform to showcase their works. In their “featured artist” program, graphic designers can connect with a global audience and receive royalties from each sale.

For example, one of their popular designs was made by an emerging artist who creates nature-inspired paintings. Called “Bears – Blake & Benjamin”, the 12x16” art poster features an older bear playing with a younger cub. The artwork shows each meticulous stroke, highlighting the grizzly yet colorful fur of the bears.

A wide selection of other designs is available, from pop-art space designs to motivational quotes. A percentage of all sales will be donated to charity.

Custom prints for your custom home

Ridge Art Decor also offers custom designs – just send them the image you want and they’ll print it out for you! This way, you can truly personalize your home, and still keep your landlord happy.

And guess what? The team says that it will be launching a new product soon, called the Infinity Frame. This frame allows you to seamlessly switch between different artwork to match your mood! It’s the perfect addition to your home.

About Ridge Art Décor

Ridge Art Decor was founded in 2020 with the sole mission of providing innovative art solutions that are both beautiful and sustainable. After years of trial and error, the team created proprietary printing software to print posters that are reusable, removable, and replaceable.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, "Introducing the Repost, the revolutionary way to adorn your walls with art without the hassle and damage of traditional methods. The Repost is an ionically charged masterpiece that brings magic to your home decor. No more dealing with sticky residues, tape, or unsightly adhesives. Simply peel off the backing, place it on your wall, and watch it stay securely in place."

Go to https://www.ridgeartdecor.com/ so you can learn more.

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