Pneumatic Cervical Traction & Heat Therapy Device For Fast Relief From Neck Pain

Aug 1, 2023

Tired of spending hundreds on pain medications for your sore neck? Check out the Dynamic Wedge Cervical, a pain-relieving therapeutic device that you can get on Desk Jockey’s website!

Neck pain is, quite literally, a pain in the neck. If you’re a chronic sufferer, you’re probably very familiar with how much it can affect your quality of life. While it may seem like your only recourse is to take precious time off work and shell out money on pain-relieving treatments, there are actually other options available - and they’re much kinder on the wallet.

Now, something that offers fast relief while also providing a long-term solution to chronic neck pain might seem like too much of a miracle cure to exist in real life, but it actually does exist in the form of the Dynamic Wedge Cervical! With a combination of heat therapy and pneumatic cervical traction technology that helps realign the cervical vertebrae, this nifty little device can correct your posture while providing instantaneous comfort! Better yet, it’s easily available on Desk Jockey’s online store, meaning pain relief is never too far out of reach!

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You’re probably here because you’re in dire need of something for your neck pain. And you wouldn’t be the only one. According to a BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders study, neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders in adults, with work-related factors, including daily computer use and desk work or study time, being among the leading causes of cervical issues.

As chronic neck pain can incur high costs due to loss of productivity and the expenses associated with treatment and pain medication (which is something you may or may not have already experienced), Desk Jockey aims to provide you with preventative measures through the Dynamic Wedge Cervical, a multifunctional therapeutic appliance that can be used to achieve both immediate comfort and long-lasting pain relief.

This automatic device combines cervical stretch technology with heat therapy to lessen muscle tension and encourage good posture. It also uses frequency impulses to reduce inflammation and block pain signals in the nerves, further reducing discomfort. Talk about a one-two punch! And if you don’t like things too hot or stretchy, temperature levels, stretch levels, electrotherapy modes, and other settings can also be adjusted with the included handheld controller. You can make something that works just for you! How neat!

With its ergonomic design, the Dynamic Wedge Cervical can be easily transported and used comfortably from anywhere within your home. Desk Jockey recommends using it while lying on a sofa or bed. You could probably use it in your office too, provided you’re lucky enough to have a couch in there somewhere. Just don’t let your boss find out! Or let them find out. Who knows. They might be in need of some pain relief too!

Interested in products you can use for other parts of your body? No problem! Desk Jockey also sells memory foam cushions, bed wedges, foot rests, and other furniture designed for comfort and injury prevention. The company is owned by Kit Feuerhelm, a CPA of 24 years who is well-acquainted with the consequences of sitting for extended periods of time. His passion for helping others who suffer through similar ailments drives him to provide his customers with tested products that promote good health.

A website spokesperson said: “Our passion for our mission ensures that our products are the best on the market and beneficial to people from all walks of life. We want to help everyone, from long-distance truck drivers to medical patients, and from stay-at-home parents to cubicle warriors.”

Even if your neck issues are too far gone for prevention, it’s never too late to get the relief that you deserve. And the Dynamic Wedge Cervical can give you that relief in so many different ways! Imagine getting all of that for a one-time purchase. You’d never find something like that at a pharmacy, that’s for sure!

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