Picture Book Layout Advice & Writing Tips For Beginner Authors 2022

May 3, 2022

Whether you’ve never written a word before or you’ve spent years mastering the craft, this online guide can help you to make your dream of getting published a reality. Learn more at:

Picture Book Layout Advice & Writing Tips For Beginner Authors 2022Have you always wanted to write for kids? With this online guide, you have all the advice and expert insights you need to supercharge your career!By downloading the new guide, anyone can learn the most effective strategies for writing children’s books for all age ranges. It offers practical tips for authors of all experience levels and is suitable for complete beginners.The ongoing health crisis has led to more people wanting to work from home with flexible remote projects. Writing children’s books is an effective way of earning additional income, or can be a full-time career. Written by Jay Boyer, the new guide covers everything you need to get started today.If you want to be successful on Kindle, there are a number of steps to consider. These include research, generating ideas, writing the book, formatting the manuscript, and promoting the finished product.With his latest guide, Jay continues his focus on author development and writing coaching for creatives around the world. He teaches both admin-related lessons and artistic modules to ensure you get a well-rounded children’s book education.You will learn how to quickly write and publish a book, whether your goal is to write picture books for young children or middle-grade stories for older readers. The guide also discusses key publishing details like the difference between trim size and bleed, what word count a book should be based on age range, and various other topics.Jay Boyer explains that writing children’s books is often a bucket list item for many people. It’s especially appealing if you’re a parent because you can spend more time with your family while doing a job that you enjoy.He has years of experience with publishing books on Kindle and is dedicated to teaching others to succeed on the platform. This latest guide combines many of his best practices across every aspect of children’s book publishing.Jay Boyer states: “You’ll learn how to tap into a proven formula allowing you to write and publish your first children’s book in just 48 hours. You’ll also discover how to quickly push your first children’s book to the top of the Amazon bestseller list.”Do you want to make this the year you become a published author? Download the full guide now!All the details you need can be found using the link in the description!

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