Pickleball Injury Prevention Guide: Warm-Up & Stretching Tips For Beginners

Jul 4, 2024

If you’ve got the pickleball bug, you’re probably looking to cram in as many games as possible. But to do that, you need to think about injury prevention – and that’s where this guide from Experience Pickleball can help!

Pickleball – it's taking the country by storm. If you've tried it, no doubt you're already itching to play your next game. But the more you play, the more you need to think about the risk of injury, and learn how to prevent it. This Experience Pickleball guide, written by veteran Damien Dansel, is a great place to start!

Read the full guide at https://experiencepickleball.com/10-tips-to-enjoy-pickleball-safely-prevent-injury/

How to reduce injury in pickleball

The guide is intended as a full grounding in the game, covering tips for dynamic stretching as part of a proper warm-up, before progressing to serving fundamentals, shot execution, common injuries, and how to avoid them.

Although it borrows elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis, pickleball is a low-impact alternative to these more traditional racquet sports - making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. But despite this, injuries will occur without preparation and care, which is why Damien is focusing on correct form and injury prevention tips in the guide.

Warm up correctly

Proper warm-up routines, such as dynamic stretching, are a way to prepare your body for physical activity. Examples include marching in place to elevate heart rate, leg swings to improve flexibility, and arm circles to loosen the upper body.

Other tips include staying hydrated, using the continental grip on the paddle to reduce the threat of in-game injuries to the wrist, and maintaining correct balance when taking shots.

Level up your game

Alongside the guide, Experience Pickleball offers a range of other how-to-play articles, with strategies for different skill levels, and equipment recommendations.

Damien states: "Pickleball is fun and engaging, but - as with any sport - injuries can quickly turn enjoyment into frustration. To prevent them from occurring and ensure you have a great time on the court, you need to follow some essential safety tips, which is what this guide is all about. Follow these tips, and you'll be able to enjoy games year-round."

Regardless of your experience level, Experience Pickleball can help you to master the game and take your skills up a gear!

Check out https://experiencepickleball.com/10-tips-to-enjoy-pickleball-safely-prevent-injury/ to get more out of your pickleball experience!

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