Best Gifts For Pickleball Players In 2024: Tips On Paddles & Ball Collections

Jun 4, 2024

Looking to find the ideal pickleball gift for the enthusiast in your life? Experience Pickleball is here to help, with tips for paddles, ball collections, and more!

If your friends or family have been bitten by the pickleball bug, you're probably wondering what the best gift ideas are this year. Damien Dansel and the team at Experience Pickleball can help – with tips ranging from carbon fiber paddles to pickleball tubes!

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Expert pickleball buyer's guide

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US - the Topline Participation Report from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association shows 13.6 million Americans played in 2023, putting it on par with baseball and soccer - and this has prompted Experience Pickleball to create its latest buyer's guide.

Damien explains that there are a number of key considerations before making a purchase - chief among them the player's skill level, their preferences, and the types of products and gear they already own. Paddles, in particular, come in different styles and materials, and this can impact the way they interact with the ball.

Tournament-worthy balls & paddles

One of the top choices featured in the guide is the Franklin X-40 Pickleball collection. These have precision-drilled holes for stable flight and consistent performance, and they're USAPA-approved, which means they can be used for all tournaments and competitive play across the country.

The guide also recommends the VUFOXT Carbon Fiber Paddle Set as an excellent gift option, noting that they feature a sweat-absorbent handle, which provides you with a comfortable and secure grip during intense rallies. Because the paddles are made from graphite carbon, they're durable and offer reliable control over shots.

Fun accessories they'll love

You will also find a themed tumbler and a Franklin pickleball tube.

Damien states: "Pickleball is growing in popularity every year, which means more people are looking for the perfect gifts for the pickleball enthusiasts in their lives. The options we've included here are perfect for players of all experience levels."

When you love pickleball, you LOVE pickleball – and the best way to a fan's heart is with the right accessories. Trust the Experience Pickleball team to help you find the ideal gift!

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