Permanent Bodybuilding Plan Now Simplified With Innovative 12-Week Diet And Exercise Program

Aug 9, 2016

Discover the best way to build muscle mass, burn body fat completely and maintain a muscular physique for the long-run with an innovative and completely natural 12-week program based on tested and proven exercise and diet principles delivering permanent results with no side effects or crazy dietary changes.

Nekoterran announced the release of a premier Bodybuilding program, entitled ‘How to Build More Muscle than Ever Before and Maintain Muscle Mass Permanently’, detailing an innovative and proven 12-week workout, diet and muscle mass building program ideal to deliver long-lasting results.

More information is available at

The ‘How to Build More Muscle than Ever Before and Maintain Muscle Mass Permanently’ is an e-book drawing on extensive bodybuilding experience, research and knowledge to help inform and guide readers through body fat burning, muscle mass building and dietary changes that can help achieve a muscular physique in a healthy, consistent and long-lasting way.

The program details an innovative 12-week bodybuilding approach involving bodyweight exercises and reasonable dietary changes along with exact and easy to follow information and knowledge on what causes excess body fat accumulation, muscle mass deterioration, how to burn and prevent further fat accumulation, maintain muscle mass, and more.

The unique 12-week program detailed in the ‘How to Build More Muscle than Ever Before and Maintain Muscle Mass Permanently’ is tailored for individuals of any age, shape and history of previous bodybuilding attempts, committed to following the exercise and dietary principles provided ensure healthy weight loss and muscle gain results and a permanent slim and muscular physique.

More information on the innovative 12-week bodybuilding program, available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback versions with multiple reader ratings and testimonials, can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

Nekoterran explains that “Bodybuilding is hard, but not a complicated process if people know how to do it- correctly. I attempted every kind of bodybuilding diet, routine or workout plan and spent hours at the gym or counting calories for months, drinking endless protein shakes, creatine post-drinks which sadly resulted in zero. This 12-week long program is a completely different approach to building muscle mass that guarantees results regardless of what people may have attempted in the past or how out of shape, over weight, old or young they are”.

The author adds that “it’s important to know that an unhealthy physique or excess body fat accumulation didn’t automatically happen. Everything has a cause, and chances are most people have been programmed with the wrong information for years. Through this powerful information, they will learn exactly what happens inside the body to build muscle mass, what causes excess body fat accumulation, how to burn fat off completely and maintain a muscular physique permanently.”

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