Peachtree Bluff Book Series By Kristy Woodson Harvey: Awards & Tour Dates

Apr 14, 2023

Kristy Woodson Harvey has a few announcements to make regarding the latest entry in the “Peachtree Bluff” series, including new awards and an upcoming television adaptation.

Peachtree Bluff Book Series By Kristy Woodson Harvey: Awards & Tour Dates

Kristy Woodson Harvey is no novice when it comes to publishing. Across 11 titles, she has garnered a reputation for weaving stunningly rendered, emotional narratives in the Southern fiction genre. Her stories each explore romance and the meaning of family in ways that only she can, and the world has taken notice as a result. From The New York Times to Entertainment Weekly, her stories are the latest and greatest touchstone for the genre.

The fourth book in her seminal "Peachtree Bluff" series is no exception to this rule. In addition to this, even more exciting news has arrived recently for fans of the series: a partnership with NBC which will see Harvey making her screenwriting debut as she adapts her beloved series for television audiences.

In the meantime, Kristy is celebrating the growing success of "Christmas in Peachtree Bluff", and you can too!

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“Christmas in Peachtree Bluff”, the holiday-themed sequel to “The Southern Side of Paradise”, follows the women of the Murphy family, the leading characters throughout the series, as they face various challenges during the Christmas season.

This tale explores the same themes of family and togetherness that lay at the core of the series, this time through a thrilling disaster/romance narrative. The story follows the Murphy family’s teenage daughter as she struggles to keep her family together during the worst storm the town has ever endured. As the family members cling to safety in their Southern hometown, they have no choice but to engage in a daring rescue mission to help those that they love.

This title and its predecessors have been heralded in the most recent round of reviews as the next innovation to come out of Southern literature. Readers have been especially impressed by the tone of these stories, often described as being heartwarming, comforting, and emotionally complex. Learn more at

One reviewer said, “Kristy Woodson Harvey’s new book is like a warm cup of cocoa on a chilly winter night. Her legions of fans will adore this fourth installment of her Peachtree Bluff series, and newcomers to her work will love it on its own and be compelled to go back and catch up with this quirky but loving Southern family.”

The books in the "Peachtree Bluff" series are the perfect choice to pick up if you are on vacation, traveling, or simply stuck at home with nothing to do. The books are digestible without being simplistic, and will provide you with gripping and genuine stories that you are sure to remember. With well over 1000 pages now in the Murphy family's saga, you also won't run out any time soon either!

Harvey is the author of 11 titles to date, many of which have appeared on various bestseller lists including Publisher’s Weekly and The New York Times. Tickets for her tour dates in late April and July are available now, with a full list of dates and locations available on her website.

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