Peacebuilding Consultancy Offers Conflict Prevention & Problem-Solving Training

Jan 28, 2023

Are your company’s or community’s integrity and effectiveness suffering from seemingly unmanageable conflicts and other crises? Dr. Erika Wichro and her consultancy, Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl (+41 767 938307), can help you get a grip on the solution!

Peacebuilding Consultancy Offers Conflict Prevention & Problem-Solving Training

Our times seem to be defined by crises and conflict. It’s practically impossible to switch on any news channel or scan any news site without glimpsing multiple headlines reporting health emergencies, weather disasters, funding failures, sectarian struggles, and other unfortunately all-too-familiar modern mishaps. But Dr. Erika Wichro of Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl consultancy is here to help turn back the tide of daily turmoil and strife.

The consultancy’s most recent offerings focus on building resilience and peace at the micro- and macro-scale by providing leadership and humanitarian crisis management training to individuals, organizations, small communities, and countries. Its specific areas of focus include research, problem-solving, international law, conflict prevention, and building cross-sectoral partnerships.

Tired of being tired from dealing with one crisis after another? Find a solution customized to your specific situation and needs at

You can take advantage of an initial consultation with Dr. Wichro free of obligation. If you're a leader, staff member, or other stakeholder involved in humanitarian crisis management, these consultations will help you develop your negotiation and decision-making skills. But ultimately - and most importantly - they will help you become an effective contributor to the peacefulness and resilience of your target mission community.

Dr. Wichro has procured and administered budgets for major health emergencies, including polio outbreaks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern Syria; Ebola outbreaks in West Africa; and COVID-19 containment in Austria, Ukraine, and other countries. However, as you know, humanitarian crises can be caused by many different factors requiring unique responses targeted to specific affected sectors. Because of this, they can be complex affairs involving multiple national and international agencies.

It's this understanding that gives the Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl team an edge in helping stakeholders like you to deal with such complexity in a way that maximally builds peace and resilience in your target community. Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl can assist you and your team in developing multi-year strategies, projects, and operating procedures and policies. They can also provide you with substantial input on funding and partnership proposals for complex situations.

The consultancy can give you guidance on all aspects of projects involving pandemic preparedness and response as well. Dr. Wichro and her team have verified experience in quickly assessing complex situations and developing a thorough, multi-perspectival understanding of relevant geopolitical and socio-economic factors.

Dr. Wichro has worked in various medical fields for over 30 years, 17 of which have included work on national and global health emergencies with entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission (EC). You can learn more about Dr. Wichro’s work at

A spokesperson for the consultancy said, “Conscious choices and actions in times where changes are inevitable and being at service to help clients reach their goals and aspirations are the utmost fulfilment. We’re pleased to go the extra mile to support you in achieving your goals and excited to see you win.”

Ready to tap into your own, your team's, or your community's power and realize your and their full potential with the guidance of a bona fide expert in health and resilience?

Remember - it's never too late to learn something new, because the moment you give up learning, you give up living. If you're ready to build your, your company's, or your community's health and resilience, go to

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