Paychex Flex Facing Competition From Local Payroll Provider In Dallas

Jul 26, 2021

Smaller software companies are proving to give the industry big dogs like ADP and Paycor a run for their money when it comes to competing with local competitors.

Small business owners know that running a successful company can be hard. There are so many things to manage, and payroll is one of the most important tasks on a small business owner's list. Payroll providers like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, and Paylocity don't do much to support their client's growth because they make it difficult for you to grow your company by providing limited services at high rates. Companies like Next Generation Payroll act as valued consultants who will help you grow your small business with personalized service and easy-to-use software solutions. They offer an inexpensive flat rate without all the bells and whistles other companies provide which would drive up costs for our clients. Small businesses understand the importance of personal service.

Why Next-Generation Payroll is a different kind of payroll provider: They work with you to come up with a solution that works for your size business and budget, while other providers simply provide their one-size-fits-all-pay package. You'll have more time and energy to focus on growing your small business with our personalized service.

The best part about Next Generation Payroll is that they offer a fixed rate without all the extra fees and hidden costs other companies charge, like training or support packages--and you'll never get charged more for upgrading your services. Companies like this understand how important it is to keep small business owners focused on what's most important--running their businesses.

They don't make it difficult for you to grow your company by providing limited services like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, and Paylocity do. We act as valued consultants who will help you grow your small business with personalized service and easy-to-use software solutions. As your business grows, so will our all-in-one payroll platform in terms of scalability. Whether you have one employee or a thousand employees the functionality that is offered is the same. Small businesses are catching on about the dynamics of Next Generation Payroll software solutions.

How Does Next Generation Payroll Stack Up Against Paychex?

Paychex Flex is a payroll software solution provided by Paychex. It offers its clients two ways to manage their payroll, either via the cloud or through an online portal (WFM). The features of this platform are automated time cards; employee self-service for adding and editing pay rates, deductions, and other compensation information like vacation days; and more.

Next Generation Payroll has a payroll software solution for small businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you operate in one state or multiple, Next Generation's platforms are scalable to fit your needs as they grow-- no matter the industry. Companies like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, and Paylocity don't do much to support you once you sign up with them. You interact with a salesperson during the onboarding process and after that, they will disappear. Then you are left to interact with a customer service representative at a call center when you need support. Small businesses often have to reach out to call centers, wait 15-45 minutes for help gaining access to reports or wage reporting. Since NGP is hands-on, their response times are rapid while their technology solutions are customizable to the user's needs.

9 Reasons why you should support small payroll companies like Next Generation Payroll instead of large corporations.

Smaller payroll processing companies who provide payroll are agile and are better able to relate to small businesses.

It better supports the economy to spread money among smaller businesses that pay employees better, resulting in better service.

It is easier to get help with small businesses because the employees understand what it's like to be a customer of their company.

The smaller payroll processors provide more personal service than larger ones and don't take advantage of you as often, such as by charging hidden fees or having unrelated products and services.

Smaller payroll processors are loyal to their customers, unlike the larger ones who just want your money and want to increase their bottom line. The smaller ones have more integrity because they rely on being able to keep clients like you over the long term instead of making one sale and moving onto the next victim.

It's easier to get a hold of someone at the smaller companies instead of having to talk with an automated system or waiting on the phone for hours like you might do when dealing with ADP, Paychex, Paycor, and Paylocity customer service centers.

You'll get a consultant who will help you grow your business working with a small payroll provider. With large companies, you'll just get a salesperson.

The big companies treat you like a number and make too many mistakes when processing payroll. Smaller companies show you more attention and make fewer errors.

Small companies rely heavily on their clients for success so they are more focused on keeping their clients happy and have a vested interest in your success.

Visit Next Generation Payroll's website to see why they are quietly being labeled as a provider of the best payroll software for small business across the United States. They principally provide payroll services Dallas tx but support a host of small businesses in all 50 states.

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