Partner With Leading Medical Device Technology Firm For Acute Hospital Care at Home

Mar 2, 2022

As you know, mobile health solutions – especially for acute conditions – are one of the frontiers of medical science today. Take your chance to partner with a respected company and ensure effective home treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Partner With Leading Medical Device Technology Firm For Acute Hospital Care at Home

The pandemic only accelerated a process already in motion. Nobody wants to be in the hospital - and often, as we learned, hospitals can't even accommodate patients.

Sotera Wireless, a San Diego, CA-based medical device technology manufacturer has announced that it is now seeking hospital partners to explore working together towards creating an effective Acute Hospital Care at Home program.

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This latest announcement comes as health care providers are looking for ways to formalize and systematize the breakthrough technologies and approaches to patient care that were triggered by the pandemic. 

The Acute Hospital Care at Home program is an outgrowth of the CMS Hospital Without Walls initiative, which was launched in March 2020 as part of a larger effort to expand hospital capacity, optimize resources, and fight COVID-19. This program helps to add to certain healthcare services, allowing them to be delivered outside of the hospital environment and in the patient's home. With correct monitoring and treatment methods, it is estimated that more than 60 distinct acute illnesses can be managed appropriately and securely at home.

The FDA has given makers of FDA-cleared non-invasive vital sign-measuring devices permission to broaden their use so that healthcare practitioners can monitor patients remotely. Accordingly, Sotera Wireless' ViSi Mobile, one of the most popular remote monitoring devices, can be deployed for home use.

The ViSi Mobile System allows for continuous monitoring from the ICU to the main clinic and beyond. The system is a wearable technology that continually monitors all vital signs of patients and wirelessly transmits data to doctors and healthcare staff. System alerts can be customized to advise doctors of changes that indicate a patient's health is deteriorating.

Sotera Wireless, Inc. focuses on recognizing early indicators of patient deterioration in any acute care situation. The company's mission is to assist hospitals in enhancing patient safety across the organization while minimizing alarm burden, clinical workflow, and support. Sotera's team includes experts in patient monitoring technology as well as healthcare practitioners who are familiar with the hurdles of implementing technology and practice change into hospitals.

“The pandemic demonstrated that there are viable choices for those individuals who may be treated for acute diseases at home rather than in a regular hospital - where overnight treatment is costly. We intend to demonstrate how a solid partnership can benefit patient care and all parties involved,” said Sotera Wireless CEO, Devin McCombie, Ph.D.

As today's healthcare consumers want more than ever from their patient experience, the days of segregated medical practices, information, and patient data are coming to an end.

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