Panic Safe Room Custom Built In Bedrooms,Bathroom, And Closets.

Oct 16, 2016

Bullet proof, fire proof, and theft proof panic safe rooms are now available for home owners to buy to protect their love ones and collateral’s.

Regular rooms can be converted into high security panic safe room with top quality security doors built in homes to protect love ones and collateral's against theft, bullets, and fire.

Troy New York - October 17th - Safety and security are characteristics which are highly valued by home and business owners. They are willing to invest their time and money to ensure that their property is protected. When they need to protect property that is worth millions of dollars, they turn to Be Safe Panic Room experts.

More information is available at This is a company that can install safety features in homes, business premises and even commercial buildings. One of the safety measures that they can install is ballistic shielding. This form of shielding can be installed in the walls and even doors of a client's establishment. The security doors provided by Be Safe Panic Room experts are so strong that they can withstand literally anything. The wall sections that they install are made of ballistic fiberglass. To ensure the quality of their products, this company conducts tests on them. They normally use rifles such as the AR-15, the 3 REM and 12 gauge shot guns to try and penetrate the safe room walls. These high power rifles do not even make a dent in the panic room walls. One can convert any room in their house into a safe room that can resist fire, bullets and even theft. This company can construct residential and commercial safe rooms. In the residential category, they can convert an office, bedroom or even a walk-in closet into a high security panic room. They use methods and materials to make any room in a home resistant to bullets and forced entry. Despite the high density materials that are used to make a house a fortress, the aesthetics are maintained. The soft paint and any other decorations from before are restored. Therefore, no one will ever know there is a private panic room in the house. Commercial buildings can also be converted into high security locations. They face high risk of dangerous activities such as robberies and sabotage. Therefore, business owners can contact the Be Safe Panic Room experts to install bullet, fire and theft resistant walls in their buildings. Not only are these walls safe, they are affordable too. The owner and general manager of the company is known as Joseph. He currently has a pending patent on the use of ballistic walls and other types of barriers for protection of rooms and other objects. His company can also protect a home or commercial building from electric grid crises.

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