Palm Harbor Digital Marketing Agency Offers Roofing Contractors Targeted Ads

Jan 22, 2024 helps you to reconnect with lost visitors and drive more sales for your roofing business thanks to targeted display ad marketing! Give them a call at +1-727-591-4655!

Want to keep your business top of mind, reconnect with more customers, and improve conversion? Targeted display ads from are ideal for growing your audience – and encouraging list visitors to return and make a purchase!

Visit to start growing your audience and driving more sales! says that the goal of its service is to help you improve your brand recognition and engage customers more effectively. The advertisements have a higher conversion rate because they’re not targeting cold leads - they’re re-engaging prospects who are already familiar with your brand.

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Gitnux research shows that 88% of digital marketers view targeted display campaigns as an effective customer acquisition strategy. Compared to regular display ads, targeted ads generate over 670% more clicks due to focusing on motivated audiences. With HubSpot showing the average website loses between 26% to 70% of visitors who fail to move beyond the homepage, retargeting can help to recapture lost opportunities.

The service uses tracking cookies to redisplay ads to previous site visitors as they browse other websites. By tailoring display ads to focus on known interested individuals, you can more effectively move prospects closer to conversion, the agency says.

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The ability to segment potential customers based on the project stage can improve click-through and contact rates. Campaigns combining basic retargeting with filters for recent weather event searches, roofing-related queries, and related home improvement activity enable ads to speak to current needs, the team explains.

The agency further notes that performance indicators like click-through rates and contact form conversions make measuring ROI straightforward, and all campaigns are optimized based on collected data to improve results over time.

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A spokesperson states: “We’ll supercharge your brand visibility through highly targeted display ads, ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time. And if that’s not enough, our streaming TV solutions will take your advertising to the next level, captivating potential clients where they spend their leisure time.”

Targeted display ads should be a big part of your marketing approach as a roofer.

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