Palm Desert Landscaping – How to Save Money, Save Water, and Save Time

Mar 8, 2017

If you’re looking for the best landscapers in Palm Desert, you’ll be glad to know we’re highly competitive, affordable, reliable, and above all… You’ll be amazed at the quality of our work! We’re among the best landscape companies in Coachella Valley. Whether you’re searching landscaping Indio, CA or Palm Springs Landscaping, we serve the entire Coachella Valley Landscaping needs!

Palm Desert Landscaping Asks Why Are People Watering Concrete? It Will Never Grow!

Palm Desert Landscaping today announced the release of their new Automated Sprinkler System and Drought Tolerant Landscaping Service. Customers in need of a good landscaping service will soon be able to get everything they need when it goes live 3/8/17.

This marks one of Palm Desert Landscaping’s biggest milestones. Everyone within the business is looking forward to launch of the service, especially since those within Palm Desert Landscaping feel that “Too often, we’re seeing people watering their driveways and sidewalks. We use better installation techniques to save money on watering lawns, plants, and gardens.”

Jerry L., Manager at Palm Desert Landscaping, when asked about the automated sprinklers and landscaping service said:

“It’s time to get serious about excessive water usage. An appropriately placed automatic sprinkler system will be very effective in saving your bank account.”

To learn more about premium quality landscaping in Palm Desert:

Consumers active in the landscaping market will be interested to know the irrigation and landscaping services have been planned and developed with home and business owners in mind.

For example, it will feature “automated sprinkler system for the lawn”. This was included because it is important for both homeowners and business owners to time an appropriate amount water to their lawns and gardens in order to sustain a great looking landscape. Consumers should be pleased with this since it is convenient. The consumer will not have to manually turn the water on and off at certain times of the day (which can be cumbersome and disrupting to a household).

Those interested in learning more about the Coachella Valley landscaping company can do so on the business website at

The landscaping service will also have well placed irrigation systems will use only the water that is necessary to accomplish great looking lawns. Developers behind the service decided this was critical to the final service because because using more water than necessary is bad for the environment and is the very reason why water utility bills are high. Customers should enjoy this particularly, as the less water they consume, inherently the lower the utility rates will go (based of the principle of supply and demand).

One final piece of information being released, states that the new service will also have top quality parts and installation – Jerry L. said “This was important because it is important for customers to have quality parts and installation. Having a leaking irrigation system will undermine your ability to accomplish water conservation, lower utility bills, and maintain a beautiful landscape. This will be great news for our buyers because consumers will not have to worry about their installed irrigation system. Our company uses top quality installation techniques and parts. We warranty the work against installation and manufacturing defects, so their customers know they’ll be taken care of..”

Those interested in learning more about Palm Desert Landscaping and their Landscaping Services can do so on the website at

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