Overland Park Window Treatments Provider Has Custom Insulating Cellular Shades

Aug 16, 2023

Want to elevate your Overland Park home’s style while lowering your electric bill? Then check out these cellular shades from Inside Solutions (913-890-3737)!

If you’ve always wanted cellular shades for your home, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Why? Because Inside Solutions now offers more options than ever!

With this development, the store can better cater to a broader range of budgets, whether you are looking for functional or deluxe products. Representatives emphasize that you can still expect the same tailor-fit solutions even as the company’s product inventory expands.

Learn more by visiting https://www.insidesolutionsllc.com/

As the store explains, cellular shades are composed of pleated, honey-combed-shaped cells. Each of these cells is filled with air, which adds insulation to your home, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Inside Solutions says that better window treatments have become even more important given the rising electricity costs in Kansas. Indeed, heating and cooling account for about half of your household’s power consumption.

The retailer’s wide selection of cellular shades adds an insulating layer, which can reduce heat loss through your windows by 40% and heat gain by up to 80%. As such, Inside Solution says that such window treatments are a cost-effective way to cut down on your energy consumption.


In addition to better insulation, cellular shades also enhance privacy in your home. Unlike typical curtains, you can select the level of light and privacy for any given room. Even better, Inside Solutions has cordless variants that make modifying privacy levels seamless.


The company notes that its cellular shades are made of durable materials, including synthetic fabrics. Not only are these window treatments long-lasting, they can also be easily cleaned using a damp cloth or even a vacuum cleaner.

Inside Solutions can create cellular shades tailor-made for your window size and home style. It does not carry pre-made items, but rather allows you to choose from over 100 fabric and style options. For this reason, it can offer highly competitive pricing on all its cellular blinds.

A spokesperson says: “Our cellular shades do not only elevate your interior design, but they also boost your house’s insulation capacity. As such, they are a great choice if you want a stylish, functional, and budget-friendly window treatment.”

Your windows deserve the same thoughtful treatment as other parts of your house. So get in touch with Inside Solutions today to inquire about cellular shades!

Inside Solutions has an extensive selection of other window treatments as well. To view the full inventory, you may visit https://www.insidesolutionsllc.com/

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