Overcome Fear! This Vancouver Public Speaking Coach Can Boost Your Confidence

Apr 28, 2021

Devin Bisanz has launched coaching sessions that help entrepreneurs get paid to talk. He teaches people how to find paid public speaking work and perfect the art of making a speech.

Become an expert public speaker, boost your professional profile and launch a profitable public speaking career with Devin Bisanz’s expert public speaking coaching service!

Devin Bisanz, a Canadian public speaking expert who helps professionals overcome their fear of public speaking and get paid to talk, has launched public speaking coaching services.

Go to https://blog.devinbisanz.com/post/public-speaking-course-vancouver-your-secret-weapon- for more info.

The expert coaching services are suited to both complete beginners and established speakers and are tailored to client managers, sales professionals, CEOs, students, and entrepreneurs in particular. The service is based in Vancouver and can be conducted online.

Bisanz combines his coaching and public speaking experience to help people create profitable public speaking careers by overcoming fear and perfecting their communication skills. You can choose between online group coaching or one-on-one sessions.

In each session, you will learn about the art of speaking, as well as the business side of speaking and receive instruction on how you can earn money as a professional speaker. Bisanz will work with you to improve your confidence, solidify your speaking skills, and help you find paid speaking gigs.

You will receive instruction on how to structure a speech, how to motivate and engage audiences, and how to use body language to your advantage during a speech.

Complimentary strategy calls are included as part of the launch. During these calls, Bisanz will help you decide if you are best suited to an accelerator speaking course for beginners, or an expert speaking program that focuses on getting paid to speak.

By taking part in one of his coaching programs, Bisanz says you can earn money as a keynote speaker, create online programs, and increase your success in sales and management roles. He says you will also build your confidence by facing your fears, improve personal and professional relationships by honing your communication skills, and become better at networking.

You can sign up via the website by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button. A complimentary discovery call is available.

Devin Bisanz is a public speaking coach who has spent 10 years perfecting the art of making speeches. He is a Toastmasters International alumnus and specializes in helping people get paid to speak.

Are you ready to launch a successful public speaking career?

Go to https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ai_LCZOlnmRNixpfzk-slatXvAU5 if you’d like more info.

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