Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Expert: Lincoln, UK Private Clinic Offers Arthrosamid

May 2, 2023

Get fast treatment for your knee pain, from the most experienced specialists around! MSK Doctors (01522 904 420) was the first clinic in the UK to offer Arthrosamid for osteoarthritis, and they can help you to get long-lasting pain relief, fast.

Do you know how long a typical corticosteroid injection for osteoarthritis lasts?

6 to 12 weeks and that's if you're lucky, and it works for you at all.

Unfortunately, most doctors recommend that you try to limit those injections to 2 or 3 per year, maximum.

That means even in the very best-case scenario, you can get up to 36 weeks of pain relief per year - but what about the other 16 weeks? What happens if they don't last that long?

It's not an ideal solution - and some of the best minds in medicine have been working on something better for over 20 years now.

While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, this treatment that's available from MSK Doctors has been shown to provide pain relief for up to one year or longer, and increased flexibility, with only a single minimally invasive injection.

There's been some talk that pain relief could even be permanent, but we really just don't know for sure yet, and it will probably vary from person to person.

To get all the details straight from the source, take a look at the MSK Doctors Arthrosamid page, just visit https://www.mskdoctors.com/

You probably already know that injectable knee treatments that help to cushion the joint are not new, but this particular formula uses a non-biodegradable hydrogel which has been shown to last longer than traditional options, since it cannot be easily absorbed into your body. Known commonly as Arthrosamid, it's new enough that it still isn't available through the NHS, though it is available through private clinics.

Arthrosamid treatments can be completed in a single visit, though you may want to schedule a pre-consultation with a musculoskeletal specialist, to make sure that Arthrosamid is right for your unique situation. It's easy, appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone without a referral from your GP. Just use the clinic’s self-booking option, which has a strict “no waiting list” policy, so you should be able to book an appointment for tomorrow, or later this week, no problem.

So how does it work?

The procedure is as simple as it sounds: it involves a single injection into the knee, completed by a trained specialist using ultrasound guidance after you receive a local anaesthetic. After the procedure is complete, you will be mobile, but restricted from strenuous activities for up to several days.

That's probably not the worst fate, since presumably you weren't out playing football with your osteoarthritis knee pain, anyway. A few more days probably won't hurt.

You will be asked to limit your walking distance, and not to jog, run, or play sports, though how long the restrictions are in place can vary. An MSK Doctors specialist will work individually with you to determine how restricted your movements should be, and for how long.

I've called this a "new treatment" so many times by now, that before you go, I should clarify this - it is new in clinics, but it is also very thoroughly researched and tested.

Arthrosamid has been tested in humans for over 20 years and has been proven both safe and effective. Though side effects are possible, they are considered to be both mild and temporary.

You could say, they're exactly the side effects you would expect if someone poked a needle into your knee. The most commonly reported issues are minor pain or swelling at the injection site, which fades within the first few days.

Just remember, the MSK Doctors clinic was the first clinic in the UK approved to provide Arthrosamid treatments. So if experience counts - and it does - they now have some of the most experienced specialists in the country, with more than 150 injections completed.

There are many, many reasons to consider giving Arthrosamid a try, and no obvious drawbacks.

Longer-lasting pain relief with a single injection can only be a good thing, especially for me. I'm terrified of needles, and even though they're actually pretty painless, they're not gonna get one near me a second time.

If you want top-tier care from the most experienced specialists around, it has to be MSK Doctors.

You can even book your own appointment online, right now, at https://www.mskdoctors.com/arthrosamid

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