Oriental Rug Cleaning Removes Spots & Protects Fabric, Says East Memphis Cleaner

Aug 10, 2023

Having an oriental rug is not what I expected – it won’t fly and haven’t heard it talk, either. It is prone to collecting dirt and spots though, but River City Rug Cleaning (901-341-RUGS) can help!

So I finally caved in and bought a rug. Yeah, yeah, I know - they've been a staple of elegant home decor ever since some interior design expert figured out that wall-to-wall carpets may not look as good as we thought they did back in the 1950s.

Anyway, I got a rug. Now, we're not living in the housing boom of the 1950s so an expensive oriental rug wasn't an option for me. I ordered mine from Ikea, which will do fine - I just need to figure out how to put the spinning wheel and the sheep together.

For those of you who were able to get your hands on some luxury oriental rugs, kudos! And condolences - because how on earth are you gonna care for that thing? It's like walking on eggshells, all day, every day.

Besides, cleaning it on your own... well, it's not something you look forward to. What if instead of removing that chocolate/poo spot (the jury is still out), you make it bigger? Or ruin the color? The horror!

That's why I recommend enlisting the help of a professional. If you wouldn't mess around the engine of your expensive car, you shouldn't be messing around your oriental rug, either. And in this day and age, it's super easy to find professionals to do this stuff for you. I know River City Rug Cleaning comes highly recommended - you can check them out at https://rivercityrugcleaning.com/ - or stick around and find out what happened with my sheep.

✔️ Rugs Are Forever

If you think that rugs are dated, think again! Home and interior design experts are predicting rugs are here to stay. Not only that but they're actually considered a style essential in *modern* homes. In fact, a recent study found that 79% of American households have at least one rug.

Rugs have a timeless appeal - but they won't last forever unless they're properly cared for.

✔️ Special Care for a Special Rug

Rugs are not carpets, obviously. The reason I'm telling you this is - you can't clean your expensive oriental rug the same way you would a carpet. There's a good chance you'll do more harm than good.

Just think about it - oriental rugs are made of delicate materials such as wool or silk, which means they're equally beautiful and high maintenance. (If you're thinking of Monica from Friends now, can we be friends?)

That's why you need professionals like River City Rug Cleaning, to ensure that these luxury furnishings - considered as much an investment as a decorative piece - are treated with special care.

✔️ Spots Be Gone!

Professional rug cleaning is about much more than removing dirt, dust, and other debris - though that's certainly important and the main reason to hire a professional. However, a professional rug cleaner will also restore the color vibrancy of your rug and prolong its life.

They use gentle techniques to remove all those pesky spots and unpleasant odors - whether they're chocolate or poo.

And now, for my favorite thing about professional rug cleaning: you can get MicroSeal Fabric Protection to keep your rug safe from spills, dirt, and fading. You don't even need to do it every time you clean your rug because MicroSeal can withstand eight to ten professional cleaning sessions. And, if you're wondering, for oriental rugs, you need professional cleaning every one to two years.

Why not start today? To schedule your first rug cleaning session with River City Rug Cleaning, just visit https://rivercityrugcleaning.com/

As for me and my "rug", let's just say we're not yet at the point where we need professional rug cleaning. But I may need to call animal control soon.

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