Ordinary Citizens Can Now Step In To Promote Healthy Social Change In The US!

Mar 31, 2021

Are you fed up with partisan pundits, fake journalism, and division stirred by algorithms? This is the movement for you!

If you’re fed up of the direction society is moving in and want real change, you need to help the country wake up. That means taking action with the parallelPresident!

Black Feather has launched a new strategy for societal development in the US. Through the parallelPresident website, they aim to empower citizens to make real and lasting change by overcoming the barriers of modern society.

For more information please visit the website here: https://parallelpresident.com/i-have-the-plan

The newly launched strategy was created to challenge the modern reality that sees warring factions across social groups.

The parallelPresident site explains that we’re at a crossroads, and it urges action. You can learn about the impact of hatred, vitriol, and deceit in modern society, and how it has created a new normal.

To help the country emerge from this situation, a four-part plan has been created. These elements are covered in detail using video to discuss the issues at hand and expand on actionable solutions to them.

The first video is titled Transparency in Journalism, and stresses the importance of a free press that is vital to society. This involves limiting sensationalism and opinion, while underscoring the importance of investigation and fact.

Secondly, the plan focuses on moving equality from the shadows. This involves ensuring equal opportunity for all Americans, even when it requires facing uncomfortable truth.

The vision then moves to rebuilding the middle class, before discussing the importance of putting humanity into AI.

By following the videos, you are able to more clearly understand the vision outlined for this new future. The site stresses that every individual needs to make a choice: whether to accept their current direction, or blaze a new path.

Additional information is available at: https://parallelpresident.com

The parallelPresident is designed to be a people’s movement, and covers economical elements, social aspects, and societal matters. It highlights the needs to address government power on some issues, while developing thought leadership and vision in other areas.

A spokesperson states: “Wishful thinking and leadership are not the same. A leader has a plan, a vision. A vision that includes all members of society and protects the interests of the people, and not the politicians. My plan is now our plan.”

Go to https://parallelpresident.com/i-have-the-plan for all the details you need.

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