Order US-Made 1973-1987 Chevy C10 Digital Control Box/Expansion Module Mounts

Mar 19, 2024

To all the Chevy lovers, is your once-mighty 1973-1987 C10 truck feeling like a rusty relic? ModernC10 can help you upgrade it now with an American-made Dakota Digital control expansion module mount!

Does your C10 restoration project feel like a puzzle with various missing pieces? Do you want to include a modern digital control mount, but not sure where to find one? ModernC10 is here to help you! The restoration enthusiasts offer you a 1973-1987 Chevy C10 digital control box/expansion module mount and various other American-made parts.

Pre-order your new digital control box by visiting https://www.modernc10.com/dakota-digital-control-expansion-module-mount

C10 Resurrection: From Rusty Relic to Road Warrior

The durability and timeless design of the classic Chevrolet C10 have made it a popular choice for truck enthusiasts over the years. Recognizing the value of preserving these iconic vehicles, ModernC10 offers you complete and customized restorations. The company rebuilds everything from brakes and drivetrains to electronics, and can even integrate modern features like digital control boxes at your request.

ModernC10’s fabrication capabilities encompass a wide range of materials and applications. Their skilled technicians are proficient in MIG and TIG welding techniques, allowing them to work with mild steel, chromoly, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. This expertise translates into fabricating various components, including:

  • Full-tube chassis
  • Suspension parts
  • Rear-end housings
  • Stainless steel headers

Best Modern C10 Parts In America

The company’s new digital expansion module allows C10 owners to get modern wiring upgraded within the truck’s limited space. It’s made from laser-cut high-quality aluminum and can fit all Dakota Digital control and expansion modules, allowing for stacking up to five units for a clean and organized installation.

Beyond core restoration services, ModernC10 caters to individual preferences through custom sheet metal work, carbon fiber fabrication, and Lexan integration. This allows customers to personalize their C10 trucks, whether it’s for optimized performance, enhanced safety, or unique visual aesthetics.

A Family Business Built on Expertise

ModernC10 is a family-owned and operated business founded by Mickey Tessneer in Floyd Cox Drive, Oklahoma. Since its inception, Modern C10 has expanded its knowledge and expertise in C10 restoration, showing the importance of using high-quality parts during the restoration process.

"Welcome to ModernC10, where our passion for C10 trucks shines in every American-made part we craft," A spokesperson for the company said. "Our small, professional crew pours love into every high-quality product. But we don’t stop there, we can install everything we build in-house. We also sell and install high-quality American-made performance parts for your C10 including brakes, drivetrain, electronics, and many other modern amenities."

Don't let your classic Chevy become a distant memory, head over to ModernC10 and explore their wide range of American-made parts and restoration services. Call them today at 405-863-0139 to pre-order your new digital control expansion module.

Learn more about ModernC10's high-quality parts by visiting https://www.modernc10.com

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