ORB Stickers Can Protect Pregnant Women From EMF Wireless Radiation Effects

May 13, 2022

Are you worried about how radiation may be affecting your pregnancy? Read Omnia’s report today to discover the risks and learn how you can protect yourself and your baby!

ORB Stickers Can Protect Pregnant Women From EMF Wireless Radiation Effects

With continuous exposure to wireless radiation, you may be fearful of the possible detrimental effects it may have on your pregnancy. Omnia breaks it down and offers a solution that will lessen the impact of your exposure easily!

The company’s report explains that even non-ionizing radiation also has potential to alter molecules and atoms, which may lead to cell damage in organic matter. These are electrical wave fields that vibrate with low frequency and do not create significant heat, and yet still have the capacity to cause biological effects, although not as bad as x-rays.

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Omnia's report reveals that waves from magneto-electric fields are nearly impossible to avoid. Radiation is emitted from various sources including cellphone towers, Wi-Fi routers, wireless devices, electric appliances, and Bluetooth signals.

According to a study approved by the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Institutional Review Board, pregnant women who are exposed to high radiation levels are almost 3 times as likely to suffer a miscarriage than those who aren’t. This data was gathered by monitoring each woman’s pregnancy with the use of an EMDEX Lite Meter. Additional research has shown that low-frequency radiation can be linked to childhood leukemia.

The report informs that a simple way to reduce exposure is to take advantage of your laptop’s battery for as long as possible before plugging it in. This is because the power supply gives off a significant amount of radiation. You should also avoid laying your smartphone on your belly and putting it in your pocket because direct contact with these imbalanced energy fields is the main risk factor.

Furthermore, you should put your phone in airplane mode and leave it far away from your bed while you sleep. Doing so will prevent the phone from sending and receiving signals that can be harmful to your health. The company suggests utilizing an EMF (electro-magnetic field) protection product to reduce the risks of exposure to wireless radiation fields.

Omnia sells its own EMF protection products which it tests on the body. The ORB sticker packs that you can place on an array of devices including cellphones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, tablets, and microwaves. These stickers work by creating resonance between the microwave radiation field and the energy field in your body.

The author of the report stated: “The ORB has been shown in tests to balance the blood and strengthen the muscular system.”

Omnia's products have achieved a high level of efficacy in tests that show how their technology reduces the risks of radiation exposure - visit their site today to explore their EMF protection products!

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