Online Store Offers High Vibe Reiki Infused Candles & Soaps To Shift Your Energy

May 14, 2021

If you’re worried about all the artificial ingredients in store-bought candles and soaps, purchase artisanal and organic alternatives at this Orange County, California-based online store.

Worried about harmful ingredients in your candles and soaps? This store offers better and safer choices!

Aroma Seize, an online retailer with headquarters in Yorba Linda, California, announces the launch of its expanded collection of high vibe reiki infused soaps, candles and diffusers. The company hand-makes all products using plant-based ingredients, making them 100% safe for you to use.

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Through its collection, the company aims to provide you with more mindful alternatives to mainstream lifestyle and skincare products. Moreover, the soaps and candles are infused with healing intention and Reiki energy, further promoting wellness.

Aroma Seize notes that while soaps and candles are everyday items, most people do not know that they contain harmful chemicals. For instance, most manufacturers use paraffin wax and fragrance oils that contain phthalates, which can compromise the lungs and immune system.

As such, the online store created a line of products that are not only luxurious but free from all toxic ingredients. Because of this, they are safe to be used by all individuals, including if you have infants in your household.

Its line of candles is made with 100% American-grown soy wax and is enriched with all-natural fragrances. It also features lead-free cotton wicks that allow the candles to burn cleanly without producing soot.

Meanwhile, its artisanal soaps utilize organic oils and are scented using herbs and organic essential oils. They are proven to help detoxify and exfoliate your skin, leading to a healthier and more beautiful complexion.

Aside from being natural, all of Aroma Seize’s products are environmentally responsible and employ no animal testing whatsoever. As part of a special promotion, everyone who orders $75 or more worth of merchandise will get free priority fast shipping.

Aroma Seize is a leading purveyor of deluxe products that nourish the body while protecting the planet. Aside from candles and soaps, the store also carries essential oils and reed diffusers.

A spokesperson says: “We specialize in crafting high-vibe, health-conscious, and beautifully designed products. All our items are created, designed, and handmade by Dawn Depke, our founder. We are certain that they will revitalize your mind and your body.”

Keep your family safe by using only 100% organic soaps and candles from Aroma Seize. Order your products today!

Simply visit if you need further information about Aroma Seize and its products.

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