Online Store Offers Eco-Friendly & Comfortable Performance Compression Socks

Feb 27, 2021

If you’re looking for eco-friendly compression socks that elevate your athletic performance, Apolla Performance Wear LLC’s cutting-edge socks are just what you need.

Want to ease foot pain and protect against injuries? These cutting-edge socks are just what you need!

Fort Worth, TX-based Apolla Performance Wear LLC announces the launch of its expanded compression sock collection. These socks provide a wide range of benefits, including significantly reducing pain and improving your athletic performance.

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The range features a broader selection of styles, allowing you to choose the sock that best suits your needs and chosen activity. Apolla Performance Socks boast a patented design that offers the fit of a shoe and comfort of a sock.

For their excellent design, the socks have been recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Hence, this technical garment is often used by athletes, dancers, and other individuals who want functional socks.

Apolla Performance Socks have a patented and targeted 20-30mmHg of pressure that supports the joints and greatly reduces the swelling of feet from exercise. Meanwhile, the targeted supports is the “goldilocks” of compression zones that lift and stabilize the foot arch while giving it a full range of motion and provides support to the ankle’s most vulnerable ligaments.

Additionally, the socks provide knit-in padding and comfort that is proven to effectively to absorb energy, thus reducing foot fatigue.

The socks also prioritize comfort, as exemplified by the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial material. Aside from performance advantages, Apolla socks also offer environmental benefits as they are made from Repreve sustainable yarns.

You can choose from barefoot support, no-show, crew sock, mid-calf, and dance-specific variants. To launch the expanded collection, you will enjoy free shipping if you order more than $50 worth of products.

Apolla Performance Wear LLC aims to revolutionize the performance gear market by creating world-class athletic socks. It places equal importance on both technical innovation and environmental sustainability.

A spokesperson says: “The feet can take a beating, especially during vigorous activities. That’s why we designed performance socks that alleviate discomfort while elevating performance. Whether you’re an athlete or just on your feet all day, these socks can help you reach new heights.”

Give your feet the performance boost and protection they deserve. Order your compression socks today!

You can find further information about Apolla Performance Socks and its features through the URL above.

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