Online Store Offers Air Purifier For Salons That Can Remove VOCs & Formaldehyde

Oct 28, 2021

Salon owners looking for an air purifier should take a look at the Airpura F600DLX unit, which is now available at Think Air Purifiers ((1-866-626-5969).

Do you want added protection for your salon? This air purifier can help!

With the introduction of Think Air Purifiers’ new Airpura F600DLX, you can get access to an effective but budget-friendly air sanitation system. Aside from killing pathogens, it can also get rid of environmental pollutants like formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and smoke.

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This newly added product was launched as the service sector further opens up and enables your salon to thrive in the new normal. The air purifier instills further confidence among your customers, thereby encouraging more bookings and leading to greater revenues. 

Salons require both customers and beauticians to be in close proximity—a cause for concern given the current pandemic. Moreover, cosmetic products such as hair sprays and dyes also release gases like VOCs which can be harmful to health. 

The Airpura F600DLX uses advanced technologies to address both of these issues. Its portable size also means it can be installed in your salon without wasting valuable floor space.

Its main purifying technology is an impregnated activated carbon bed, which effectively absorbs and neutralizes noxious gases. A powerful integrated fan ensures that air is rapidly passed through this filter to cleanse it. 

Furthermore, the Airpura F600DLX is equipped with a HEPA-barrier post filter that traps particles that manage to escape the carbon bed. This feature also gets rid of pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

You can order the product online and it will be delivered in as little as five days. Should you have any questions, you can use the chatbot to get the preliminary answers you need. 

Think Air Purifiers was launched as a one-stop shop for all air cleaning needs, and offers a wide range of products for both homes and businesses. All items listed on its website are carefully curated and reviewed to ensure quality and performance. 

A spokesperson says: “We conduct in-depth research on the air purification solution market so you don’t have to. We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date, unbiased, and scientific information to help you select the best solution for your clean air and health needs.”

Breathe easily knowing that the Airpura F600DLX will cleanse the air in your salon. Order it from Think Air PurifiersThink Air Purifiers today!

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