Online Platform For Black-Owned Businesses Helps Sellers Expand Into New Markets

Mar 24, 2023

Are you a Divine Nine member looking to expand your business into new markets? The JustUs Digital Marketplace mobile app puts a gold mine of high-demand consumers committed to supporting Black-owned businesses like yours right at your fingertips.

Online Platform For Black-Owned Businesses Helps Sellers Expand Into New Markets

Building a business is hard all around, and especially for Black entrepreneurs. But the rise of mobile app usage among consumers is changing all that. With mobile apps, business owners have a fulcrum to help them build out their businesses - and their ROI - faster than ever.

The JustUs Business App can be the pivot-point of growth for your Black-owned business! Sign-up is simple and comes at no additional cost to you.

This app gives you a portable, easily accessible contact point between JustUs’ expanding array of digital vendors and a proprietary consumer base of well-educated, socioeconomically successful professionals, homeowners, travelers, and families.

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With the JustUs app, you have an innovative way to capture your share of the market and to provide Black consumers with the products and services they need - rather than letting that share go to mainstream businesses such as Walmart and Amazon.

Over the past ten years, there has been a massive global wave of mobile app usage. By the beginning of 2021, there were 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world, and 1.4 billion smartphones had been sold in the past year alone.

And now you, like many business owners the world over, can catch that wave with a customized mobile app. You'll have a convenient way to deliver your products and services to your customers - as well as to boost your return on investment.

The app allows Black-owned businesses with websites and nationwide services to join the platform through a simple process and at no additional obligation. Once on the platform, you'll be able to increase your sales, build a loyal customer base, and expand your products and services into new markets.

The JustUs Digital Marketplace app was developed by Linda Page, a member of the Divine Nine Greek Organization, also known as the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), whose mission is to support Black-owned businesses.

The NPHC was founded on May 10, 1930, at Howard University, a historically Black research university in Washington, DC. Well-known councilmembers have included civil rights activist Martin Luther King, elite athletes Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal, and comedian Steve Harvey. The purpose of the Council has been to promote Black representation in higher education and Black political and cultural solidarity.

“Supporting a Black-owned business requires more than a sale,” Ms. Page explained. “It demands creating a community of loyal customers so that a business can scale on its own. This is the purposefully designed push of the JustUs Business App - it puts online businesses at the fingertips of highly desired consumers. The app is innovative, disruptive, and its consumer base is proprietary and highly sought-after.”

There’s no doubt about it - Black-owned businesses have had to take heavy blows historically, and the last few years have been no exception. But with the JustUs app, you’ll have a powerful tool to make your business stronger than ever!

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