Online Food Store Grocery Grab UK Launches Contactless Deliveries in Four Oaks

Apr 28, 2020

The Grocery Grab company has the safety of people in mind. As a response to the corona virus pandemic, the online shopping platform offers a contactless food delivery service to promote the safety of their customers and stimulate the local economy and businesses.

Grocery Grab UK is a company specifalizing in local grocery delivery services in Four Oaks, UK. Until the end of June, the company offers free deliveries of customers’ food orders. The free delivery service is a timely intervention to help people beat the increasing shopping queues in supermarkets. Besides, queuing violates social distancing and increases the risk of spreading the deadly virus. 

In times like this when social distancing has become the major way to prevent the spread of Covid-19, delivering food to people’s doorsteps has become more important than ever. With over 200 products available for delivery and more being added every day, the Grocery Grab company promises to meet every person’s nutrition needs.

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There are unique benefits emanating from using this local store’s online delivery service:

Individuals, families, households, and even companies that are still in operation can benefit immensely from this innovative grocery delivery service. It relieves customers of stress and the risk of being exposed to the world outside.

Grocery Grab UK provides a great opportunity to Four Oaks residents and residents of the neighboring towns to support their own local community and businesses.

Customers have delivery options such as contact-free delivery. They can also indicate any special requirements when placing grocery orders online.

To ensure both their customers and drivers stay safe, the delivery drivers have been equipped with sanitation kits, gloves, and masks.

Grocery Grab UK is an online grocery shopping platform that offers an amazing opportunity for local businesses to gain a competitive advantage over the larger-scale businesses that are making efforts to edge them out. The company aims to ensure that the local communities will continue to thrive even during uncertain times.

You can find more information about the Grocery Grab UK food delivery services by visiting .

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