Online education website Tutor HQ has now launched their new service across Ireland.

Jan 18, 2017

TutorHQ have positioned themselves to take advantage of the expanding environment of online education, with a twist. The tutors having been sourced online then provide 1-1 grinds in the student’s home thus combining the old and new tutoring system seamlessly.

After 2010 the first open online courses appeared, online learning is becoming part a key part of both student and professional life. 2016 will be a crucial year in the development of this powerful new tool and there are many companies and startups competing for a piece of that ever growing market.

Having launched in Dublin in September 2016, TutorHQ already has over 700 leaving and junior cert grinds tutors located throughout Ireland. What’s more, it’s being used by hundreds of students to improve their grades. Founders Orla McCallion and Sean Judge are now set on doubling the number of tutors on the site and are working to expand their grinds business across Ireland so that any Junior or Leaving Cert student anywhere in the country can find a grinds tutor easily online.

Thousands of junior and leaving certificate students need one-on-one grinds support in subjects like maths, Irish and French but don't want to sit in large grind schools. All digital trends point towards convenience and personalisation and TutorHQ have positioned themselves to take advantage of this rapidly expanding environment. The tutors provide 1-1 grinds in the student’s home and have all received at least an A Grade in the subject they provide grinds in.

TutorHQ allows a parent to look at all the Junior Leaving and Leaving Cert grinds tutors in their area, view profiles of tutors and then message them directly on the website. They can then book their grinds tutor securely through the platform.

TutorHQ differs from other grinds services as it offers one-on-one tutoring in the student’s own home. All tutors are vetted by the company and Orla stresses that they only take on those with a Leaving Certificate ‘A’ in the subject or a qualified teacher. What’s more, many of the grind schools do not facilitate online booking which gives TutorHq a massive advantage. They make the tutoring system really easy for people to find the very best grinds tutors quickly and easily whether they are in Dublin, Limerick, Cork or anywhere else in Ireland. Not only are these new education solutions more suitable for today’s students, this method of delivery for online tutors is much more scalable and cost effective than previous approaches have been.

Ultimately all businesses that will succeed on a large scale will have a strong online component to their product or service, there is no choice but to be online. Emerging platforms offer high-fidelity experiences that cater far more effectively than legacy systems and will result in greater satisfaction and efficiency on every level.

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