On International Women’s Day, Violet Rainwater is Committed to #BreakingTheBias

Mar 15, 2022

She was recently quoted in Forbes Women for her commitment to breaking down the negative labels of ambitious women. International Women’s Day’s 2022 theme was #breakingthebias, and this transformational speaker is up for the challenge.

On International Women's Day, Violet Rainwater is Committed to #BreakingTheBias

Violet Rainwater, founder of The Rainmakers Way , was recognized in Forbes Women this International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022, for her commitment to #breakingthebias. Rainwater is a transformational speaker and sales architect, focused on healing the modern workplace. Rainwater made a commitment this International Women’s Day to helping ambitious women shed the label of being pushy or aggressive when they go boldly towards their dreams.

Recognizing the double standard between high-performing men and women, she was quoted by Forbes contributor, Melissa Houston, as saying, “[Rainwater is] committed to breaking biases in the workplace around financially successful women in a man’s world being ‘aggressive and pushy’ when really they are just ambitious.”

Rainwater goes on to say that she does realize that she did not get to where she is today by staying quiet and not asking for what she wanted. Having a successful career earned her the label of pushy, demanding, and controlling. Not wanting to speak up and give her perspective because she didn’t want to be seen as being pushy and aggressive. It took a long time to figure out that the double standard wasn’t something anyone had to subscribe to. This is why today Rainwater seeks to always open the doors for women, and provide a seat at the table, regardless of where they are at in their entrepreneurial or business journey. Looking for opportunities to give them a voice, promote them, buy from them, and strive to be a light in a sometimes dark workplace. Being financially successful does not equal aggressiveness.

Violet Rainwater is a sought-after speaker and corporate trainer, helping to empower teams with her proprietary framework. On a mission to transform the workplace into a healthy environment, she’s starting with breaking biases for the women in them. To learn more about Violet Rainwater and The Rainmakers Way, visit her website here.

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