Oklahoma City Foundation & Concrete Slab Repair Company Installs Helical Piers

Jun 10, 2023

PowerLift Foundation Repair (800-562-5438) offers advanced solutions for a stronger foundation, whether pre-construction or repairing damages.

Have you ever wondered what keeps a house or a building standing tall? Well, the answer lies beneath the ground, where a solid foundation holds everything up. Today, we're going to talk about a fantastic company called PowerLift Foundation Repair which specializes in making sure those foundations are strong and stable. They have some exciting news to share, so let's dive in!

PowerLift is a company that offers expert services to fix foundations for homes and commercial buildings, and what I love about them is their ingenuity. They even have a patented system for foundation repairs. Pretty impressive, right?

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PowerLift Foundation Repair uses helical piers for foundation repairs. The helical piers are perfect for more significant fixes and permanently resolving foundation problems.

Now, you might be wondering, "What are helical piers?"

Helical piers are essentially steel shafts shaped like big screws drilled into the ground to stabilize foundations. According to Forbes, different foundation repair options are available based on the soil composition and the area that needs fixing. Helical piers are unique because they can support the weight of a house without requiring bedrock. Instead, they are drilled into the ground until they reach compact enough soil.

PowerLift Foundation Repair uses a patented technique called the Synchronized Lifting System for helical pier installation. This system allows them to lift an incredible 100 piers at once, reducing stress on a property during repairs. By lifting a building from multiple points, they can achieve maximum elevation recovery and permanently stabilize the foundation. This helps ensure that the structure remains solid and safe.

When it comes to strength, PowerLift's helical piers are no joke! Their standard piers can bear an impressive weight of up to 105,000 pounds per pier for residential buildings. But that's not all! They also have commercial piers supporting a whopping 300,000 pounds per pier.

PowerLift Foundation Repair takes pride in being a skilled and reputable company. They value their employees and customers, which they believe is the key to success. To maintain their expertise, they offer workforce education programs, engineering seminars, and regular equipment and procedural updates.

A happy customer said: "While I obviously would have preferred to not have to deal with a foundation repair, I felt that Powerlift Foundation Repair made the process as painless as possible. From the beginning of the process, I felt that I was dealing with a capable and professional company that knew what needed to be done and was prepared to deliver a competent repair in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price."

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