Offer Your Patients Thermography Scans For Joint Inflammation In Long Island

Mar 7, 2024

Collaborating with Thermography Solutions ((516) 676-0200) means you can give your patients access to a cutting-edge tool for diagnosing joint inflammation in its earliest stages in the comfort of your own clinic.

Over the last decade, studies have revealed links between chronic inflammation and a plethora of health problems, including joint dysfunction, which affects over 1 in 4 Americans.

Thermography Solutions offers private practices in Long Island the chance to utilize its mobile infrared imaging technology, so you can identify your patients' inflammation early!

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✦ Thermography? ✦

In a 2021 study published in the National Library of Medicine, thermography was shown "to be a simple, accurate, noninvasive, and radiation-free method" for early-stage diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases. Infrared imaging can be used in conjunction with conventional screening techniques, Thermography Solutions says.

A thermographic scan creates a color-coded map of a patient's internal heat distribution, pointing to areas of increased blood flow or inflammation, which can shed light on the source of your patient's pain or discomfort or even what may be causing inflammation before symptoms begin to emerge.

✦ What Thermography Solutions Has To Offer ✦

The practice's primary practitioner , Kristine Blanche,PA, PhD, explains that much of the benefit of a thermographic scan comes from its potential to track progress over time. If, for example, you prescribe an anti-inflammation diet or other inflammation-decreasing medications or techniques to your patient, any progress they make will be evident in their next thermographic scan.

Seeing the results clearly drawn can inspire your patients to continue following your prescribed regimen and improving their joint health.

Since Thermography Solutions' scan technology is mobile and relatively compact, it can easily be set up in any medical or wellness center in the Long Island area.

Thermography Solutions offers various health panel scans: your patients can receive a health panel scan that includes imaging of the head, neck, back, chest, and abdomen, which is sufficient for those experiencing inflammation in those areas. However, for patients struggling with joint pain or discomfort in their limbs, you can order a full-body thermographic scan.

✦ About Thermography Solutions ✦

With locations in Babylon and Huntington, New York, Thermography Solutions uses effective treatments and techniques from conventional, integrative, and holistic medicines. Along with its thermographic scans, the practice offers holistic wellness programs designed to prevent disease and restore balance. Dr. Kristine Blanche also specializes in women's breast health and breast cancer prevention.

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