Oakland CA ERTC Consultant Helps Restaurants & Bars Apply For COVID Tax Relief

Dec 6, 2023

Need help claiming Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) from the IRS? Apply with confidence with expert advice from Cottage Digital Media, LLC, and ERTC Recovery Aid.

The pandemic was the worst disaster to ever befall the service industries, and no sector felt the blow harder than the food sector.

But for those who braved the crisis and kept people employed amid government-mandated closures, there’s a reward just waiting to be claimed. Sadly, misconceptions about this benefit and the thought of dealing with the IRS have caused many business owners to pass on the opportunity to get literal free money from the government.

This challenge is what Cottage Digital Media intends to address with its partnership with ERTC Recovery Aid.

The partnership now makes an advisory service available, dedicated to helping restaurant and bar owners claim their owed stimulus funds.

Learn more at https://ertcrecoveryaid.com/

Market research firm IBISWorld predicts that both the fast-food and single-location restaurant segments will register growth between 2023 and 2028 after suffering a decline in the years prior due to government-mandated closures.

As you may already know, the reality is much different as restaurant operators are now dealing with a completely new set of problems.

The ERTC offers much-needed financial relief to business owners like you who have survived the crisis but are struggling due to new pressures stemming from the economy and changes in the industry.

Through its partnership with ERTC Recovery Aid, Cottage Digital Media now has access to CPAs who specialize in determining ERTC eligibility and can advise on tax return amendments. This service is particularly recommended for businesses whose in-house accounting staff is unfamiliar with the ERTC claims process.

You’re probably wondering, “Can’t I just ask my bookkeeper to do this for me?”

No doubt your bookkeeper has access to all the necessary information for accurately calculating your ERTC claim. But do they also have the time to familiarize themselves with the relevant directives to ensure that your application meets IRS requirements and avoids potential audits?

If you’re not sure, Cottage Digital Media can help.

To begin a claim, just submit your business details through the form provided on Cottage Digital Media’s website. The documents will be reviewed by ERTC Recovery Aid’s CPAs, who will then contact you directly if you’re eligible.

And you don’t have to pay anything upfront. Cottage Digital Media’s fees are contingent on the success of the application, meaning that no payment will be collected if you don’t get a check from the IRS.

If you’re looking for a zero-obligation and risk-free way of getting credible financial advice on your ERTC claim, get in touch with Cottage Digital Media.

Get started on your application by visiting https://ertcrecoveryaid.com/

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