O-Cademy Is The First Ai Product To Be Launched By ONPASSIVE

Feb 18, 2021

You may be interested in additional Ai products that are going to be released to enhance your life by ONPASSIVE

Let’s Talk Online Education and It’s Explosion

For the past several months now on different news channels, Ash Mufareh, CEO and the founders of ONPASSIVE have listened to Education officials talk about online learning, with a few clearly stating there is nothing worthy online that could fill this ever increasing necessity.Educators and people interested have heard the founders regularly talk about #ONPASSIVE and the AI products that will be available for customers.

You and your colleagues may enjoy one of our products that goes by the name of O-Cademy which has an array of online education modules, from Nurseries right through to University and Higher Education.We have covered all aspects of learning and development plus made it super easy to use, it’s a simple plug+play system even a child could use it. Yet O-Cademy has embedded Ai technology in the tools to increase its functionality for the student and the teacher. Video lectures in multiple languages makes O-Cademy a world wide product and will attract more students and better teachers.

You as a Teacher, Classroom Assistant, University Professor, or have any role in the Education System, come join our company and see what benefits it will not only give the classroom but the school, college or university.Teachers and students can then put the proposal of using the most modern state of the art online educational technology to your School Governors, Education Board, or Work Colleagues, so they and most importantly the students/children and indeed the teachers themselves can see the amazing benefits of this Technology ONPASSIVE has to offer.

Those of you that work in this industry and think they would benefit from this there is Information below

For more information you may want go to my website: https://trimurl.co/l86gxcF

For your Short video presentation : https://youtu.be/ZiA0HPgXNWA

To find about all of ONPASSIVE products and benefits : https://trimurl.co/28NwRpU

If you would like to talk to a live person text the word “ tools “ to 801 695-4155 ( USA cell )

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