NYC Ransomware Testing & Protection: Get Top Cybersecurity Services To Stay Safe

Jun 3, 2022

2Secure Corp. from Ocean Township, New Jersey offers expert cybersecurity consultancy services your small business needs-call them at 646-560-5083 to find out more!

NYC Ransomware Testing & Protection: Get Top Cybersecurity Services To Stay Safe

A cyber attack can cost you your whole business. Not only can it wipe out your finances, but it can also damage your brand, and eliminate your clients' trust. Book a free systems evaluation from 2Secure today and find out how you can protect your data!

Their services include systems checks, malware attack simulations, and internal and external vulnerability analyses. The company identifies potential security breaches before hackers can access and exploit your business assets.

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The updated offerings provide you with high-quality outsourced cybersecurity solutions. 2Secure’s services keep your critical business data, employee and client information, and business infrastructures safe from threats caused by viruses, human errors, back doors, software bugs, and unauthorized access.

According to information technology (IT) experts, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Cybercriminals target small businesses such as yours as you are deemed more vulnerable, especially if you employ minimal network security. Studies have shown that 66% of small businesses have suffered at least one ransomware attack in the past year.

Ransomware victimizes by seeking, encrypting, and locking away your critical data. Only when a ransom is paid will a virtual key be supplied to you to recover your files. 2secure offers Malware Attack Simulations (MAS). It is one of the best methods for malware prevention. It seeks to identify your system’s weaknesses so that these vulnerabilities may be effectively amended and safeguarded.

You can also benefit from web application security measures to rectify programming and code errors. Inaccuracies such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and broken authentications are virtual cracks in your systems where cyber threats may infiltrate.

The company performs full security analyses of your internal and external perimeters to determine your organization’s cyber safety health. Internal audits seek threats within your business, while external audits simulate threats from the internet and other outside sources.

They also offer 23 NYCRR 500 DFS cybersecurity compliance reports, penetration testing, web application assessments, and security information and event management services.

The business extends its specialized services to New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Florida, and Texas.

According to a satisfied client, "Yigal Behar and 2Secure have been exceptional business partners in providing hands-on technical information security expertise to complement our internal capabilities, and assist in solving tough security problems demanding creative solutions providing peace of mind to our clients."

Rest easy knowing you did everything to protect your business, employees, and customers. Call +1-646-560-5083 to find out more!

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