NYC Graffiti Tee: Unique Sarasvati Art Design Is Perfect For Female Creatives

Jun 18, 2024

Sarah James Jazz Merch is adding to their NYC Graffiti Tee line with an incredible new t-shirt that features a found artwork of Sarasvati photographer Sarah James captured in the East Village.

Sarah James believes you are what you wear, and she is dedicated to bringing fans of her photography the most unique and special apparel that will allow them to really show who they are.

Shop the latest addition to her exciting street photography collection at 

An Inspiring T-Shirt For Female Creatives

Released this month on International Women’s Day, Sarah James’ new tee brings you a central image of the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Sarasvati, at its center. Sarasvati is well known in both the Hindu faith and worldwide, and for artist and photographer Sarah James, she is a symbol of the creative spirit, the power of knowledge and the divine feminine.

In this original design, Sarasvati sits atop a raised platform, or Jagati, before a pool of lotus flowers, playing a sitar and surrounded by ornate and intricate traditional imagery. The artwork contains a myriad of rich hues and detailed shading and is offset against the strong and bold colors you can purchase the shirt itself in. 

Sarah James hopes this shirt—which she has chosen to release in honor of International Women’s Day—will inspire creative women like you. If you need inspiration to master your artistic craft, whether it be music, photography, writing or the plastic arts, Sarah James thinks this tee can help you feel your own creative power.

Incredible Designs That Use Street Art & Found Art

Sarah James has said that she felt particularly drawn to this powerful and unique image, which she found and captured in her daily travels as a modern flâneuse and photographer capturing the streets of New York City. 

A spokesperson for her online boutique, Sarah James Jazz Merch, said, “This unique long-sleeve sweatshirt represents the fifth release from our NYC Graffiti Tee line in our series of NYC Graffiti Art Apparel. This collection focuses on the graffiti art of the East Village and Lower East Side of Manhattan.” 

They added, “As a documentarian of urban landscapes and the art of the everyday, Sarah James roves the city with her camera, seeking out murals, posters, and found images on buildings, telephone poles, and other unusual surfaces.” 

Like the other t-shirts in the NYC Graffiti Tee line, the Sarasvati Long Sleeve Tee has been made from high-quality heavy pre-shrunk cotton, and you can buy it in sizes small to 3XL. 

About Sarah James Jazz Merch

Sarah James Jazz Merch is a fast-growing boutique that exclusively retails apparel and decorative items that feature original photographs by Sarah James, who is described by critics as one of the most compelling street photographers to come out of NYC in the 2020s. 

Whether you’re from the East Village, are an aspiring creative or just appreciate unique art and graffiti, Sarah James’ t-shirts are definitely for you.

Shop the Sarasvati Long Sleeve Tee and the rest of her collection at

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