These Unique 100% Polyester Winter Snow Scene Shower Curtains Feature Poetry

Jul 3, 2024

If the summer heat has already got you yearning for winter, why not get a winter snow scene designer shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch?

Imagine walking into your bathroom and stepping into a winter wonderland. Well, now you no longer have to imagine it, thanks to Sarah James Jazz Merch! Their new winter snow scene designer shower curtains feature charming photographs taken in New York State’s beautiful Hudson Valley. The curtains are one-sided and they can be machine-washed and dried on low, gentle settings.

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Shower Curtain #1

The first shower curtain depicts a quiet grove after 6 inches of snowfall. Printed at the bottom of it is an excerpt from one of Sarah James’s poems. The excerpt, which is three lines long, honors Mother Nature and her ability to adapt, rejuvenate, and persevere.

“If Winter is your favorite season, then this shower curtain is for you,” explained a spokesperson for Sarah James Jazz Merch. “The image and poetry together transport you to those peaceful and serene snow-filled rural areas, untouched by the obnoxious plows and blowers of the city.”

Shower Curtain #2

Unlike the first shower curtain, the second doesn’t contain any poetry. However, it does depict a similar image — two lounge chairs sit unoccupied in a snow-dusted clearing facing a group of trees and bushes stripped of their foliage. The positioning of the chairs in relation to the rest of the scene is meant to invoke a sense of calm and optimism.

“I needed a new shower curtain for my guest bathroom so I decided to get one of Sarah James Jazz Merch’s winter snow scene curtains, and I couldn't be happier with it,” said a satisfied customer. “The wintery setting brings a cozy, festive charm to the space. It’s also really easy to clean and hanging it up is a cinch.”

High-Quality Materials & Designs

Both curtains are made from 100% pure polyester, meaning they are virtually waterproof and that they will retain their shape over time. They’re also cut and sewn to a standard 71” x 74” size, so they can fit most showers and tubs. While they don’t come with hooks, they do have 12 buttonholes at the top where hooks can go.

Multiple Applications

Another beautiful thing about these shower curtains is that they can be used for many different purposes. For example, if you need a quick and easy room divider you can simply prop one of the curtains up on a rail or stand and voila! Similarly, if your walls are looking a bit bare, the curtains make great pieces of art.

Buy Yours Today!

The new winter snow scene designer shower curtains are available for purchase on the Sarah James Jazz Merch website for $60 plus tax. The company ships worldwide, offering both standard and express options.

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