North Bend Rental Tax Professional Prepares & Submits State Or Federal Returns!

Apr 12, 2024

Looking for some professional guidance when it comes to your taxes this year? Tabletop Taxes (+1 530 574 3532) offers rental tax and income return preparations for individuals and businesses, available remotely or in person.

Taxes are no fun - why not save some time and energy by turning them over to a professional? With remote tax preparation services available, Ben Neff at Tabletop Taxes takes the burden off your shoulders.

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The tax services include small business filings, IRS refunds, federal and state returns, 1040, 1099, or W2 forms, and extensions.

With tax season 2024 just around the corner, Tabletop Taxes gives you personalized and attentive income tax preparation services for rental taxes, business returns, and more.

Get Expert Assistance

A recent report from Forbes shows that the use of an Enrolled Agent to assist with complicated tax matters is advisable, as - unlike many other types of tax preparers - Enrolled Agents have passed an exam administered by the IRS and are therefore highly qualified to help with your complex tax scenarios. As an Enrolled Agent, Ben Neff at Tabletop Taxes is able to apply his experience and tax knowledge to assisting business owners, landlords, and entrepreneurs.

“My work as a mechanical design engineer for 10 years means that tackling complex issues, daunting codes, and performing calculations is easy for me,” explains Ben. “I always strive to put your interests first and serve you in any way I can with regards to tax preparation and planning.”

Enjoy Quick Results

Ben can help with your Schedule C tax returns, forms 1065 and 8829, electronic document signing, and all personal or professional tax matters, with an emphasis on a quick turnaround time and precise results.

As an Enrolled Agent, Ben is also equipped to represent you before the IRS in the case of a tax audit, helping to reduce stress levels and simplify the process, saving you time and money.

Access Services Remotely

The services are available remotely for anyone in the United States, and appointments or consultations can be conducted via telephone, email, written correspondence, Zoom, or in person.

Previous clients have positive reviews for Ben’s tax preparation services. “This was our first year working with Tabletop Taxes and we couldn’t be more pleased,” says Michele W. “Ben was friendly, professional, quick to respond, and took time to talk through everything with us. He even helped us calculate withholding changes to avoid having to pay additional taxes at filing time next year. Highly recommend!”

Put your tax preparation process in good hands with Ben Neff at Tabletop Taxes!

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