No Delay No Freeze Interactive Smart Online Conferencing

Nov 10, 2016

Demio Webinar platform has been an underground project for over two years lead by CEO Wyatt Jozwowski and Cofounder David Abrams. Over 850 Beta users provided practice and feedback, contributing to this simple, highly interactive, affordable tool. Expect to see a wave of adopters among online universities, digital marketers, and corporations. Online Events such as summits, customer and employee onboarding, marketing and sales will be simple, efficient, and fun.

The use of digital platforms for personal communication, and business is ever increasing. Many businesses rely on webinar platforms daily for online conferences and events among employees. Some of the popular providers used are Go To Webinar, Webinar Jam, and Zoom. In the area of personal communication among family and friends, Google Hangouts, and You Tube Live are household names.

Over the past 2 years, an underground project has been brewing to give online universities, businesses, consumers and digital marketers the world’s first smart webinar platform. Over 850+ Industry beta users have participated in the polishing of Demio, the world’s first smart web technology. Founders Wyatt Jozwowski and David Abrams , say that “every feature" inside of Demio was built to help make webinars more effective.” Demio is set to be used for marketing, training, and communication.

The Demio platform improves on the experience of its users. Industry users rave about its 100% web based and high quality streaming, of which both are not offered in one platform currently. Demio will be the first to offer automation rules, and advanced CRM segmentation for marketing teams. Demio will impact the way corporations and entrepreneurs conduct online events with its interactive, easy to use technology. Some corporations currently pay upward of $6,000 per year to conduct online meetings but Demio now provides a million dollar webinar technology experience for fraction of the cost. Industry users can expect to save money, time, and space on their digital devices. Current users indicate that the Demio Team provides lighting fast customer support which is really important for those that have had challenges with other webinar platforms. The Demio team offers training for all its users.

Right Here: See CEO, Wyatt use Demio

The Demio platform offers universities opportunity for greater interaction among students and instructors. The intuitive platform integrates with over 300+ applications. Whether a business has a national footprint or local one, video and web based technology is becoming a best practice to exchange and execute ideas. A Texas Account manager of a Fortune 500 company reports having upwards of (5) online conference calls per month to engage with colleagues and department leaders. Demio will bring its technology to the rest of the world this month.

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