NFTs That Give Back – Education-Focused Drop Provides On-Chain Community Hosting

Mar 16, 2022

OSIS has dropped their new MetaBadge NFTs, digital artwork that is also an all-access pass to OSIS community events.

NFTs That Give Back - Education-Focused Drop Provides On-Chain Community Hosting

If you, like many in the crypto community, are on the fence about NFTs, this latest drop from OSIS is likely to change your mind. Not only are their new MetaBadges carbon neutral, but they also give back to the community and the world in some amazing ways.

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MetaBadges comes to market at a time when NFTs are gaining real traction with a mainstream audience. This project in particular is promising for a number of reasons, not least of which being a commitment to the environment and to returning power and wealth to marginalized communities.

The MetaBadge project is part of a recent movement in the NFT space towards utility and exploration of how decentralized assets can play a real part in community building. Beyond their use as a certification device for digital artwork, embedded smart contracts can provide special access to digital spaces and, someday soon, real-world ones as well.

As a holder of the MetaBadge NFT, you will have access to a physical debit card that allows holders to make purchases with OSIS, BTC, ETH, or any other major crypto token. These cards are functionally identical to normal debit cards with the addition of a built-in currency converter allowing for easier international purchases and reduced fees when buying with crypto.

Other perks of joining the MetaBadge community include exclusive access to events and giveaways. The Ethos event platform which is currently under construction on the Apotheosis network will host live digital meetups, parties, concerts, and more in the near future, exclusive to MetaBadge holders. For more on MetaBadges, visit

The rewards available to holders of this NFT are tiered and designed to foster connections in the community. The top 21 holders of OSIS and MetaBadge are referred to as Titans and represent a body of industry leaders and early adopters, all of whom may interact with other holders to generate career opportunities for you and all other investors.

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The most important aspect of this project is its charity work, though. The team has pledged $150,000 to charities working to eliminate hunger in the Congo, making them one of the leaders in the DeFi space in terms of money given back to a real-world cause.

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