NFT Minting System Allows Investors To Verify & Store DeFi Assets With Ease

Nov 25, 2021

For investors who want to keep their digital assets safe without relying on a third party exchange, the ZENIQ Vault has been created to track and store proof-of-stake receipts, and to help creators mint new ones.

Disappointed by the recent failures of exchanges like OpenSea to keep your digital assets safe and protected? If so, the ZENIQ project has been established for people just like you. With this digital “vault” system, you can both mint assets as well as securely store ones that you already own.

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With the launch of this project, you no longer need to rely on exchanges to individually verify the legitimacy of your assets. By engaging with ZENIQ, not only can you possess a permanent storage solution for these tokens, but also become a part of the minting process to receive a yearly ROI.

NFTs, one type of digital asset, have recently exploded in both popularity and value. During the third quarter of 2021 alone, the industry experienced a 700% growth, a rate which is expected only to continue.

The caveat is that with this growth, there has been an unprecedented opportunity for scammers to find their way into the market without much consequence given the decentralized and unregulated nature of the market, making an independent storage solution a necessity.

It is with this in mind that ZENIQ was created. By purchasing ZENIQ’s minting package, you can enjoy all the benefits of token mining without the necessary hardware maintenance and energy costs, all of which is handled in-house by the team.

Don’t leave your digital security up to chance. With the ZENIQ team, you can rest easy knowing that your assets are in safe hands and stored on state-of-the-art equipment.

Minting tokens on the ZENIQ blockchain rewards you with ZENIQ tokens, a new DeFI currency that, while still in its infancy, will continue to grow with the project. Early investors are expected to experience 100x growth in the near future following the establishment of new projects, annual halving, and other factors.

One major perk of ZENIQ is the network’s ability to mint a digital proof-of-stake for any asset, digital or physical, and convert said asset into an NFT which can then be stored in the ZENIQ Vault. Attempts have been made on other exchanges to establish similar procedures, but have always required independent verification, a problem which has been solved by this project.

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