News Media Exposure For Phoenix SMBs: Build Reputation & Awareness Of Your Brand

Feb 19, 2024

How visible is your Phoenix business when someone searches for your services on Google. The high-authority campaigns from Content Marketing Media are designed to put you front and center.

Feature On Top News Outlets

Imagine if your Phoenix business appeared on famous news websites, like Business Insider, Associated Press, and Google News. That’s exactly what Content Marketing Media’s campaigns can achieve, and they go much further than that.

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Your campaign will include news articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, blogs, and slideshows, published on 400+ top media sites. This is a done-for-you solution, meaning that your content is developed by a team of professional writers and creatives.

Being mentioned and/or backlinked on trusted websites can make it much easier for your business to be found. However, most small businesses don’t have the resources to achieve this, which is why Content Marketing Media has set out to level the playing field.

Get Seen Where Your Audience Is Looking

According to statistics published by HubSpot, Google handles almost 100,000 search queries every second, with many of them focused on finding services in their area. In determining the most relevant results, Google uses a sophisticated algorithm that considers multiple factors, including the location of the user, keywords being typed, and which businesses are most popular and/or reliable.

As Content Marketing Media explains, Google gives greater weighting to respected websites, and this plays a central role in the company’s high-authority marketing strategy. In addition, the firm states that individuals are also more likely to trust well-written content from reliable sources, which can lead to much greater volumes of direct click-throughs.

“Our distribution partners are seen as a high-authority websites, which ensure a vast and diverse audience reach,” a company representative explained. “Being associated with such a reputable media site enhances brand credibility, signifying trustworthiness and quality to your audience.”

About Content Marketing Media

Recognizing the smaller companies are often at a disadvantage, Content Marketing Media developed its unique campaigns to help small and medium-sized organizations in the wider Phoenix region. The firm continues to foster new media partnerships, with further updates expected in the coming months.

“If you need any sort of help with content marketing, work with these guys,” one client recently stated. “They are very knowledgeable and get very real results. It’s 100% worth it.”

If you’re ready to announce your Phoenix business to millions of potential customers, contact the experts at Content Marketing Media.

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