New Spring TX hypertension screening service combats your high blood pressure

Apr 20, 2023

At Budget Pharmacy 713 694-3785, you can now get a checkup for high blood pressure. Monitor and evaluate your risk factors for hypertension, then take the steps to prevent any life-threatening damage to the heart caused by enlarged arteries. Going without treatment could prove deadly.

New Spring TX hypertension screening service combats your high blood pressure

Budget Pharmacy in Spring Texas is proud to announce to you the launch of its blood pressure screening and counseling services. High blood pressure, when it goes unchecked, can widen the blood vessels and damage your heart.

When it is severe and not treated, hypertension can be permanently damaging and ultimately, cardiovascular disease can kill. Our new services are designed to provide you and your loved ones with an easy way to assess their risk for high blood pressure, or hypertension.

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According to the National Institute of health, high blood pressure affects millions of people in the USA. This condition has no symptoms, so lots of people you probably know don't realize that they have it and are at risk of heart disease. Specifically, according to the American Heart Association, more than 400,000 people die each year in the USA from hypertension. Low blood pressure is less of a risk.

Budget Pharmacy's Blood Pressure Screening and Counseling Services offer a comprehensive evaluation of your current health condition, offers regular blood pressure reading and provides information about steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure.

Our experienced team of professionals has developed a set of protocols that helps all of our clients in the communtiy better understand the risk factors and lifestyle choices that may contribute to high blood pressure.

In addition, we offer comprehensive counseling services tailored to your individual’s needs. Our counselors have extensive knowledge in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other key factors that can help you reduce the risk for high blood pressure.

We work with you on an individual basis to create an action plan that helps the you make healthy lifestyle changes and take back control of their health.

Here at Budget Pharmacy clinic, our specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive screening and counseling services for high blood pressure. Our team of experienced medical professionals are committed to helping residents understand any risk factor and lifestyle choices that may be contributing to high blood pressure and the risk of heart attack.

We also provide education about hypertension and its risk factors as well as the importance of regular check-ups and monitoring. We all understand that blood flow is important, so our staff strive to provide all the information needed to help us all stay informed and knowledgeable about our health.

So our residents in Spring Texas and in surrounding area communities are all advised to take control of their health by scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive blood pressure screening and counseling service with us here at Budget Pharmacy. Our experienced team is there to help you make positive changes that can lead to better overall health.

A little bit more about Budget Pharmacy

For over nine years, the expert pharmacists at Budget Pharmacy in Spring, Texas have been committed to providing their community with top-notch healthcare. From prescription transfers, refills and delivery to telemedicine solutions and in-depth blood pressure and other health assessments - they provide an invaluable service to residents.

A spokesperson for Budget Pharmacy said, “We believe blood pressure screening and counseling is a valuable life-saving resource for our local community, in the fight against a hidden disease which few people realize they have.”

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