New Spring TX health protection rehydration service fights heatdome temperatures

Aug 4, 2023

Budget Pharmacy Spring, TX has launched an innovative heatstroke protection plan to support the residents as they experience more and more punishing heat dome spells. Through this program, locals can receive helpful information on how to maintain hydration levels and stay safe in extreme warmth.

Budget Pharmacy in Spring, TX has launched an innovative heatstroke prevention counselling service to help clients combat the increasing intensity and frequency of heat dome events in Texas. The new service offers lifestyle advice on how to stay hydrated and protect against intense heatwaves.

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Heat domes are common in Texa, but their intensity and likelihood are on the rise due to the impact of human activity on global warming. The 2023 Heatdome was one of the most powerful yet with sweltering temperatures rising above 115F (46C).

Scorching temperatures can cause a host of heat-induced ailments, with heat stroke being the most severe. Heat stroke happens when the body is no longer able to regulate its internal temperature.

Timely action is key to avoid the tragic consequences of this medical condition; such as potential death or lifelong impairment. Those most vulnerable include small children, seniors, and individuals with existing health issues, economic disadvantage, or who work outdoors.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in July 2023, one in four Americans are socially vulnerable and lack the necessary protection against intense heat waves. Indeed, more than 40 million US citizens have received hazardous heat warnings due to these successive scorching heat dome events that have been experienced across the globe.

In particular, two thirds of Americans live in counties vulnerable to health threats from unexpectedly high summer temperatures, which can cause heat exhaustion and heatstroke or worsen preexisting cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.

The new service from Budget Pharmacy offers lifestyle based rehydration and heatstroke prevention advice.

As summer temperatures rise, it's important to stay hydrated and take precautions against heat stroke. Rehydrating quickly is essential for those suffering from illness or working outdoors in the summer heat, but traditional water isn't enough as it lacks many rehydration nutrients. An alternative is electrolyte drinks, for staying hydrated and preventing heatstroke.

Electrolyte drinks are specially formulated for rehydration, containing essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. They help to replace electrolytes lost through sweating or vomiting due to illness and dehydration.

Electrolytes help the body regulate temperature, and regulate blood pressure, which in turn helps prevent heat stroke. As electrolyte drinks are designed to be absorbed quickly, they can provide the necessary fluids much faster than traditional water alone.

Electrolyte drinks can help prevent heat stroke and dehydration from occurring in the first place. The minerals and salts contained, also provide an energy boost when working outside or recovering from an illness. They are often recommended to athletes, outdoor workers, and those recovering from a fever or stomach virus.

For those needing to stay hydrated or fighting off illness, electrolyte minerals and salts are quickly absorbed by the body, providing an energy boost and helping to prevent dehydration.

It is important to consume electrolyte drinks sensibly - they are not a “go to” beverage throughout the day.

Whilst the American College of Sports Medicine recommends electrolyte drinks as a safe way to rehydrate and replenish lost minerals after a strenuous workout, if a workout takes less than an hour, then drinking water is fine. Whilst they can be an important part of a child’s nutrition and help them recover from illness, they should be used as part of a balanced regime.

Budget Pharmacy states that excessive consumption of electrolyte drinks, without reason - for example, an intense exercise regimen, sickness recuperation or staving off heat exhaustion - can elevate the risk of ailments such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay and various heart and joint conditions.

Budget Pharmacy advises that electrolytes be taken based on lifestyle and health requirements, plus the need to prevent risks associated with heat dome events as they become more intense and frequent.

About Budget Pharmacy

For nearly a decade, the expert team at Budget Pharmacy in Spring, Texas have been fervently offering exceptional health services to their hometown. From expedient prescription refills and home medication deliveries to telemedicine access, as well as blood pressure monitoring and cholesterol consultation - they strive day in and day out to satisfy each of their customers' needs.

A spokesperson for Budget Pharmacy states, “We're determined to arm our community with essential tools and knowledge in the battle against the impact of heat dome events, which are becoming more intense and frequent”.

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