New Orleans Local Service Ads: Get More Phone Leads With Top Marketing Strategy

Jun 5, 2024

Need more phone leads? One Click SEO (985-250-0787) will keep your phone ringing with its Local Call Generator. Speak only to interested callers and only pay for legit leads.

Only Pay for Real, Quality Phone Leads 

Forget about paying for clicks, emails, or any of those other fancy metrics. With One Click SEO’s Local Call Generator, you can take your marketing and lead generation game to a whole new level. 

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What is Local Call Generator? 

The Local Call Generator is designed to help local businesses, like yours, increase the number of qualified phone leads, consistently.

One Click SEO’s Local Call Generator takes a unique approach to Local Service Ads (LSA), recently rolled out by Google. With this service, you pay only for quality leads. Here’s how it works: 

  • Proprietary Strategies: The agency uses unique strategies to deliver highly motivated phone leads. 
  • Account Optimization: Your account is constantly monitored and optimized to prevent a decline in call volume over time, as is often the case with standard LSA campaigns. 

“We don’t just set up your account and leave; we constantly monitor and optimize it so that your ads keep showing and outperform your competitors,” says a company representative. 

By ensuring that every phone call is answered and updated in Google’s system promptly, the Local Call Generator creates a positive feedback loop with Google, ensuring that you can continue to maintain your premium ad placements.  

Live Answering Service Reflecting Your Brand 

The live answering service is designed to fully reflect your brand voice. Professional agents from the agency qualify each lead before forwarding it to you via a designated phone number.  

Since the service uses a performance-based model, you only pay for legitimate phone calls. Plus, you’ll receive: 

  • Google Guaranteed 
  • Google Screened 
  • Or Google Verified green badge depending on the nature of your business. 

These badges boost your credibility and foster trust and confidence among potential customers. 

Tailored for Various Local Businesses 

Whether you run a moving company, provide water damage repair, HVAC services, or other home services, Local Call Generator can be adapted to meet your needs. Plus, it offers a flexible tiered pricing structure.

The representative adds, “LSA Ads by Local Call Generator drive incoming phone calls to your business daily and only during business hours. You only pay for legitimate phone leads and can decide how many hot leads you want.” The service also includes Google Screen, Google Verified, and Google Guaranteed.” 

Ready to Increase Your Visibility and Drive More Leads? 

One Click SEO’s Local Call Generator is the tool you need to boost your visibility on Google, drive more phone leads, and pay only for results. 

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