New Jersey Street Art: Celebrate Female Friendship With Graffiti Image T-Shirt

If you know someone who loves outsider art and creativity, get them a gift from Sarah James’s online collection featuring graffiti images taken from around Jersey City and printed on 100% cotton long-sleeve T-shirts.

We all know one - the artist friend or family member who refuses to wear anything "normal" and insists on standing out from the crowd at all times!

If you're shopping for the creative or art lover in your life, you'll be sure to make their eyes light up with a unique, graffiti-inspired t-shirt from Sarah James!

Her collection celebrates diversity and creativity in New Jersey, especially in and around Jersey City, while showcasing the work of local street artists.

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One printed long-sleeve T-shirt features a striking image of two women in profile against a green-themed background, making suitable gifts for anyone who appreciates outside art and lively culture.

Research from California State University shows that graffiti and street art can provide ways for local artists to express personal identity, overcome stigma, and increase community awareness in urban settings. Sarah James seeks to bring attention to outside artists, those who may never have received any formal training and have developed their talent organically.

Imprinted on one of the newest pieces in the collection, the image of the two Jersey City women has been taken from a wall on the hill between Jersey City and Hoboken, across some railroad tracks. “Jersey City is a large, culturally diverse city that is full of cool people, beautiful places, and unique spaces,” explains Sarah. “When I saw this image I immediately loved it, because it conveys a feeling of everyday women going about their daily activities and represents those women as friends, looking like they have agency, like they have business to take care of.”

Because many street art installations only last a short time before they are painted over, Sarah James’s project allows you and those around you to appreciate the works and keep a little piece of graffiti for yourself.

The 100% cotton, long-sleeve T-shirts with the image of the two women are available from Sarah’s e-commerce store for a limited time only and come in a range of sizes, from small to 3XL, as well as various color options, including green, blue, red, purple, and pink.

You can find out more about the graffiti photography project on Sarah’s website, as well as information about her other creative endeavors, including her ongoing work as a jazz musician, vocalist, and poet.

Grab a one-of-a-kind graffiti t-shirt from Sarah James today, before they're gone!

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