New Jersey Outpatient Facility Uses Esketamine Therapy To Treat Depression

Nov 16, 2023

Relevance Behavioral Health (866-245-1497) in New Jersey is now offering ketamine therapy using FDA-approved Spravato. This life-changing tool has shown promising effects for the sufferers of treatment-resistant depression.

If you’re one of the 30% of major depression sufferers who sadly have treatment-resistant depression, new hope has arrived at Relevance Behavioral Health.

The facility has become well-established as a leader in outpatient care in New Jersey and they have long embraced innovative and holistic treatment modalities. Now, they are pleased to be moving into ketamine therapy and are now a licensed provider of Spravato, a brand-name medication derived from ketamine which they believe holds transformative potential in helping you conquer your depression.

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Spravato’s active ingredient is esketamine, and the team at Relevance has seen that it can bring new hope to sufferers of treatment-resistant depression like yourself. Following its recent approval by the FDA, the trained medical professionals at Relevance Behavioral Health are pleased to now be offering and administering this innovative nasal spray medication. 

Unlike traditional antidepressants, ketamine therapy offers rapid relief, making it an attractive option for you if you have not experienced success with other medications. Because the medication increases glutamate levels, which are your brain’s primary chemical messenger, it has been proven to offer you far greater efficacy in relieving the symptoms of your treatment-resistant depression. 

Moreover, Spravato may be able to reset the chemical balance of your brain and counter stress-related changes in your brain, like the shrinkage of the hippocampus, therefore potentially reversing long-term damage caused by your mental health conditions. 

Beyond the power of Spravato itself, Relevance Behavioral Health knows that the actual esketamine dosage is only one part of the value of truly transformative ketamine therapy, and their team of licensed therapists will use their new Spravato treatments to create a safe space to better get to the source of your mental health struggles—and any subsequent substance use behaviors—whether it is unresolved trauma or neurochemical imbalances. 

Relevance uses Spravato as a way to address these root causes and they are confident that their treatment can provide you with almost instant changes to your mood, outlook, and energy levels. Thus, in the long-term, facilitating a smoother recovery process for you. 

As a licensed care facility, Relevance Behavioral Health is committed to the appropriate administration of Spravato and they emphasize the importance of personalized care, ensuring that—if ketamine therapy is determined to be suitable for you—you receive the necessary guidance and monitoring. 

A spokesperson for the licensed outpatient group facility said, “At Relevance, our commitment to pioneering advanced treatment approaches is unwavering. Our New Jersey Spravato treatments stand as a testament to our dedication to providing diverse options that cater to our clients’ unique needs, addressing the root causes of their mental health challenges.” 

The team at Relevance Behavioral Health understands the heavy pain of living with depression and substance abuse issues, but they want you to know there is new hope.

If you’re suffering from treatment-resistant depression, visit to see whether ketamine therapy is the right fit for you.

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