New Hire Pre-Employment Background Screening With Reports For US Businesses

Sep 15, 2023

If you’re a US business and want to protect your brand by screening your candidates in the most effective way, Choice Background Checks is here to help.

You don’t want to skimp on the pre-employment candidate research process. Failing to spot risky employees could lead to costly mistakes down the road for your brand name and your staff’s wellbeing.

Thankfully, Choice Background Checks makes the entire process a breeze. You can bank on them turning up anything worth worrying about – giving you complete peace of mind!

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With data from Shortlister showing that 95% of employers conduct background screening, Choice Background Checks offers a more in-depth solution catering to a wide range of fields. It can provide reports on everything from the validity of social security numbers to education verification and criminal record checks.

Hiring new staff is a complex process with inherent risks for your business. Candidates may exaggerate or falsify their qualifications and work history. Some may have concerning records of workplace misconduct at previous jobs. Rigorous background screening mitigates these risks by verifying candidate information and identifying any red flags in a potential hire's past.

A key element of this screening is criminal record checks. Understanding a candidate's history of lawful conduct is vital for roles involving customer service, cash handling, confidential data, or vulnerable individuals. Checking for a criminal past protects the safety and security of your business - but also reduces liability risks if an employee were to commit illegal acts while on the job.

In addition to criminal searches, Choice Background Checks offers driving record retrieval and drug testing. Motor vehicle screens identify candidates with poor driving histories who may jeopardize safety in roles requiring driving, while pre-employment drug tests screen for substance abuse that could impair workplace performance and judgment.

Comprehensive background screening further protects employers by preventing workplace harassment situations. As sexual harassment and discrimination suits can damage your reputation and carry heavy legal penalties, identifying any troubling behavioral patterns in a potential hire's past helps you steer clear of these legal risks.

Detailed pre-employment screening gives you a competitive edge in building world-class teams, explains Choice Background Checks. Verifying qualifications ensures roles are filled by candidates with the skills and experience to excel at the job. Background checks filter for high-integrity individuals who will enhance workplace culture and represent the brand well.

A spokesperson states: "Using Choice Background Checks for screening my employees has been easy and thorough. The reports are detailed and efficiently processed. I recommend using Choice Background Checks for all of your employee screening needs."

Are you ready to start optimizing your screening process for the best results? You’re in the right place!

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