New Guide: How To Decant Red Wine Correctly For Maximum Flavor & Smoother Taste

Nov 8, 2023

If you’re a red wine enthusiast, Wine Download offers a guide to aeration and proper decanting methods to maximize your enjoyment.

All day long, you look forward to sipping that ruby-red glass of wine in the evening - there's nothing quite like it!

But did you know that proper decanting and aeration can make your favorite alcoholic beverage even more delicious?

Wine Download's decanting guide explains which wines most benefit from oxygenation, how aeration helps enhance flavor, what ideal decanting times are, and how to select, clean, and store red wine decanters.

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Research published in Scientific American shows that decanting, or aerating, red wines can have a measurable effect on improving the beverage’s taste, as the process softens the astringent flavor of tannins, especially in younger wines. The guide from Wine Download is designed to give you all the practical tips and decanting techniques you need to make the most of your merlot or cabernet sauvignon.

“Decanting red wines is like opening a treasure chest, unlocking the full potential of flavors and aromas,” says a spokesperson. “When wines are allowed to breathe, they can reach their peak deliciousness, so we offer you a step-by-step guide to optimal oxygenation.”

The guide explains why not all wines need decanting (hint: it's all about age!) and how the process of aeration, or oxygenation, often leads to a smoother taste. Moving your beverage into a decanter also helps eliminate any possible sediment that may be in a post-production bottle of wine, allowing you to enjoy that gorgeous color and clarity.

You'll also discover a range of decanting techniques, including ways to control temperature for various types of wine, how to pour at the most appropriate speed for aeration, and advice for choosing a decanter design and shape that gives your red wine maximum exposure to oxygen.

Wine Download’s team of experts also provides you with food pairing suggestions for decanted red wines, such as combining merlot with grilled meats or zinfandel with spicy pasta dishes. Yum!

Finally, the guide covers the different types of decanter materials and when you should choose glass over crystal, as well as best practices for cleaning and storing your wine decanters, including ideal water temperature for washing and ways to dry a decanter that will help eliminate any watermarks, odors, or stains.

Take your wine knowledge up a level with the experts at Wine Download!

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