New Directory of Wedding Vendors Designed for LGBTQ Couples Launches in Chicago

Nov 30, 2022

For Chicago couples hoping to discover the right vendors for their same-sex wedding, WeddingVendors.Gay has launched an online directory of LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors. Browse them at

New Directory of Wedding Vendors Designed for LGBTQ Couples Launches in Chicago

Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States, is steeped in its culture and community. It boasts some of the most progressive LGBTQ rights laws in the country, with anti-discrimination and anti-hate laws protecting gay citizens and visitors alike. Boystown in Chicago is one of the most active, community-oriented, and passionate gay neighborhoods in the United States. It also became the first officially recognized "gay village."

Marriage Equality was achieved in Chicago in 2014 and the LGBTQ wedding industry has expanded ever since, making it easier than ever for same-sex couples to find a wedding vendor. WeddingVendors.Gay has developed an online list of LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors for Chicago couples looking for the right vendors for their same-sex wedding.

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Because same-sex marriage is now largely acknowledged across the country, there are more inclusive wedding providers who do not discriminate against engaged couples, regardless of color, ethnicity, age, size, or sexual orientation. The website strives to list only wedding vendors who embrace diversity in order to provide a safe and accessible environment for couples of all sexual orientations.

One of the most important moments in a couple's life is their wedding. Every detail of the wedding is significant, which is why it's critical to choose providers who can help the couple realize their dreams. Engaged couples will be able to select the ideal wedding vendor for their needs by using this website.

Couples can also search the top wedding providers by category, access the vendors contact information so they can easily inquire about the services offered, pricing, and the wedding vendors' locations all by using the online directory. It is important that the contact information on the website is correct and up to date which is why they are double-checked by the team before being listed on the website.

Additional information includes customer reviews, which serve as a valuable reference for future potential clients.

So, for couples ready to plan their same-sex wedding, this is a terrific place to start.

WeddingVendors.Gay is always adding new services and scouring the internet for highly-rated wedding vendors to put on the website in order to make it the most comprehensive guide to LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors in the Greater Chicago area and across the United States.

As the famous quote from American journalist Hendrik Hertzberg says, “Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender.”

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